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I am starting a new category today, it is called College. You can guess what it is all about. So why am I starting a College part of the site? Because Today's the Day(tm) (blatent rip off). No I did not get a job, but I am a college student again. I haven't been a college student since 2002, and I have not been a productive one (class wise) since 2001. In 2002 I was suspended for one year. I "served" my suspension by getting a Non Student Letter of Appointment (which I might add gets signed by the U. President). I could have gone back to college earlier, but I simply did not feel like it. I feel like it now. So today I met with Bonnie Mitchell, my advisor and computer art professor, set up a meeting with Diana Carpenter from the College of Arts & Sciences, reapplied to BGSU, and enrolled in classes this summer and fall. After I talk to Candy (the secretary) in the School of Art to get into my computer art classes, I will be taking 9 credit hrs. this summer, and another 9 this fall. 9 credit hrs. a semester is enough for me, I do not want to do full time by any means. But if I do not do at least 9 credit hrs. a semester it will take forever to finish. I am psyched in an odd weird way. More on this later!

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