Valenti, Others discuss piracy concerns

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Keeping to a promise he made in the heat of last year's heated battle over promotional "screener" videos, Hollywood's top lobbyist, Jack Valenti, met Monday in Los Angeles with a broad cross section of the film community to discuss the piracy concerns that led his group to institute the controversial ban on screeners "It's the meeting that should have been held before they ever announced the screener policy," said Jean Prewitt, president and CEO of the American Film Marketing Assn. (AFMA), the trade association that represents the independent film and television industry worldwide. She, like a number of the other participants, called the meeting "very informative." Source: AOL News That's a spin in piracy. Seems to me the real story is video rentals are up, box office receipts are up... Valenti and his crew are always crying how piracy is going to destroy their business and then you hear about 2003 being a record year for ticket receipts.

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