War of the Worlds DVD review

Ask any sci-fi movie fan and they'll likely tell you that 1953's film adaption of the "War of the Worlds" is one of the best movies the genre has ever seen. The dazzling effects, classic 50's style performances, and a great tale is only the beginning. Though the time has been shifted to the 1950's instead of the late 1800's as in H.G. Wells original tale, it hardly effects the film and is in someways an improvement. Aliens from a Mars, desperate for a new home, send in their martian death machines impervious to any of our "ancient" weaponary (including the A-bomb). Great minatures are demolished as the aliens begin taking hold of the Earth. All seems hopeless as the military begins to back off and retreat. Gene Curry is excellent in his lead role, seemingly truly terrified running solo through the streets of Los Angeles. As classic as this film is, it stands a severe dissapointment this film has been transferred so shoddily to the DVD format. The print used is admittidly clear (so clear you can see the wires suspending the ships more than once), but ludicrous amounts of film grain and compression artifacts ruin everything. The color is far too bright and tends to bleed on occasion. Thanks to some research, I've actually found that the laserdisc release from about 10 years ago has a cleaner and more serviceable print. The sound is available only mono. It's clear and void of any hissing, but this movie deserves better. Rumors are abound that Steven Spielberg will be remaking this movie for release sometime in 2006. One can wsih for a new disc, packed with not only a restored print and sound, but some special features features as well. The orignal trailer does not qualify as "special" anymore. This is a disc for only those who have worn out their VHS version.

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