Web group recommends DOM Level 3

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), of which Apple is a member, has released the Document Object Model Level 3 Core and Load and Save specifications as a W3C Recommendations. The specifications reflect cross-industry agreement on a standard API (applications programming interface) for manipulating documents and data through a programming language (such as Java). A W3C Recommendation indicates that a specification is stable, contributes to Web interoperability, and has been reviewed by the W3C Membership, who favor its adoption by the industry. Since the inception of the DOM Activity in 1997, over 20 organizations -- including Apple -- have contributed to the evolution of 10 DOM standards. Source: MacMinute Great. Now even more browsers will be out of date!

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I expect the Mozilla Foundation may take this up. Don't know about anyone else though, I hear DHTML isn't Safari's strong point.

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