Apple: 99 cent music price tag staying

Apple Computer dismissed rumors Friday of rising single-song prices at its iTunes online music store, saying that it planned to maintain the price tag of 99 cents per song. Reiterating comments made by Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs last week, an Apple spokeswoman said the company is maintaining its single price tag for individual songs. The comment came in response to an article in the New York Post reporting the likelihood of higher prices as a result of new contracts with record labels. As earlier reported, some full-album prices have already begun to climb on the service. Source: C|Net Thats great! I just wish it was $9.99 for all albums as Steve said at launch. I am also getting tired of seeing "Partial Album" and "By Song Only." I see no reason why 8 out of 10 songs are online for some albums. And why do I have to buy "Just Push Play" (Aerosmith) By Song Only (costing $11.88)? I bought "Honkin' on Bobo" (Aerosmith) when it was released, and could not buy the album. I had to buy the seperate songs to get it. I had more then enough Pepsi bottle caps so it was worth it. Now "Honkin' on Bobo" can be bought for $11.88 - not $9.99 Mr. Jobs.


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Job's never said "ALL" albums would be $9.99, he said "most" would be $9.99.

What irritates me with iTMS is that with the over 700,000 tracks they have to offer, 90% of them are from independant artists. Now don't get me wrong, it's great that Apple is giving Indi's a place to try to make money. It's just that when I hear 700,000 tracks, I expect those tracks to be of "popular" songs, not stuff from people I have never heard of.

I monitor the added titles pretty closely since I get RSS feeds for each of the genre's in iTMS. There seems to be 2 "new music" days. Tuesday's and Fridays. We are all aware of the Tuesday releases that actually do have popular artists in them. However the Friday releases seem to be mostly independants. This Friday there were over 450 postings. Only 2 were from popular artists. Of course some of the 450 were also cross postings meaning that some titles were posted in more than one genre. Makes it look like they are releasing more than they really are.

Ah well, they are still better than the other stores out there, however, I'm beginning to think it might be time to go back to CD's again...

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