Chinese PC maker Founder to install iTunes on all PCs

Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday announced that Founder, a major supplier of personal computers to the Chinese market, will pre-install the Windows version of Apple's iTunes software on all of its PCs beginning next month. With iTunes installed, users of Founder PCs will be able to copy music from their own audio CDs, create playlists, share the music of Local Area Networks (LANs) using Rendezvous, and listen to that music on the iPod, Apple's popular digital music player. Source: MacCentral

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Ok, how is this any more legal than MS putting IE on all Windows systems?

As it is, Dell forces that crapy MusicMatch software on systems they sell.

So all this noise about MS being bad because they have IE pre-installed is just wrong.

I can remember back when the Macintosh first came out, it came with (what were those apps called...) MacPaint and MacWrite? There was actually a stick about this and apple was forced to split up into two groups, Apple and Claris. That lasted for about, what, a couple of years? Then when people were not watching, they merged back together.

MS is a little different since they don't make hardware. However, they do seem to be able to get hardware makers to put their OS on systems exclusivly.

What cracks me up about this whole thing is that the software is free. Anyone could download them anyway. So what's the problem with pre-installing all the different software packages and letting the user decide which to use. Maybe when they first turn on the system and the system finishes it's OS install, the user is asked which browser they wish to use, which music player they wish to use, etc... They could always switch later if they find a better program, but at least each program would get equal billing.

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