ecto 1.1.1 released

I haven't updated ecto in a while now, mainly because the small updates have not meant much to me. This one, however has a bunch of new features that I have not seen yet. There is a new Insert Hyperlink window, although I do not actually know when this was added. I still like the "old way" of inserting a URL, but the new way is good if you do not have the URL on the Clipboard. Changes in 1.1 & 1.1.1: - Metal texture can be set again. - Fixed a bug that could crash ecto when modifying accounts. - Preliminary support for Atom - Improved console (allows saving, clearing, emailing, and searching text). - Improved handling of sending pings. - Faster loading of iPhoto images. - network tasks now show in the status window. - Content of entries is now checked for invisible control characters before posting. This will prevent rare post failures. - Improved notification email process. - HTML tags are stripped from notification emails. - Windows are by default Aqua. Texture can be set via the preferences dialog. - Fixed bug where deleting a ping or email address would remove all copies of the same string. - iTunes script returns title of song currently playing if iTunes is playing radio or a stream. - Fixed broken drag and drop of text on notification email list. It now also accepts text files. The text should be a list of names and email addresses. Each name and email address should be tab-separated and it should end with a return. - Improved drag and drop. - Other fixes and improvements.

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1.1.2 just came out!

I guess I should have restarted ecto today :-P.

1.1.2 Fixed crashing bug when uploading iPhoto image. Not biggie for me.

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