Getting Support for Office 2004

You can get support in many ways. By phone, email, newsgroup, etc. I thought it would be handy to get support by email. I figured it would be faster to get support this way. I was wrong. In the time writing this I got the answer I needed at the Microsoft Newsgroups page. I want to say thanks for such a great community. I will be using it the future if I need to - it has been bookmarked. Before I got the answer, I was looking on the Microsoft Mac Support site to get support. This is how I faired: First you have to sign up for a stupid Passport account. Fine. Second you have to choose your product. In the list there is no entry for Entourage or for Office 2004 for Mac. Am I surprised at this? Not one bit. There is a choice for Office. I choose Office. Then they list all the components of Office. Do you think Entourage is in this list? Of course not. There is Office in this list again, so I choose Office again. Next to get free email support you need to provide a valid License. No problem, I got 3 of em (Office 2004 allows you to install on 3 computers). Here is a problem though. The form field to enter my license code WILL NOT EXEPT my license, my number is more characters then is allowed in this field. I am sorry but that is the last straw. What the heck! What kind of web site usability is this? It is obvious to me that this page is not equipped to give support for Mac products. It is too late (in the day) to call for support, and once I call that uses up my one free incident by phone. All I want to know is if I found a bug or not. I don't have anything very pressing, and it is not a work threatening thing, its just really friggin' annoying. Let me explain this annoyance. Well the first annoyance is that I cannot enter my product serial number in order to get email support. How lame is that? In Entourage 2004, just like in all other versions of Entourage or Outlook for Mac, you can go to View > Internet Headers. I do this once in a while, but most times I like to see the nice looking GUI that says the From, Date, To and Subject. Once in Entourage 2004 I selected to View Internet Headers. Now every time I open an message in a new window, I always see the Internet Headers at the top of the message, not the nice GUI that tells me the From, Date, To, and Subject. If I wish to see this information given to me in a easy to read fashion, I have to always use the menu command or keyboard shortcut to hide Internet Headers. I think this is a bug, it did not happen in Entourage v. X, or Entourage 2001 that I can remember. I will try calling tomorrow, or next week. All I want to know is if this is a bug. UPDATE: it is not a bug, it is a check box in the View section of the Preferences. I cannot remember if I turned the preference on or not. When I first opened Entourage I did a lot of tinkering so it might well have been me checking that check box. "Show Internet Headers" needs to be unchecked. Done. I have since posted to the Newsgroups that they provide, and do not require a Password login, by the way. I will follow up once I get ahold of Microsoft about this issue, whenever that may be (no longer needed). I am also working on a review of Entourage 2004. It has some great new features, and one killer new feature. Its nice enough that I have switched back to Entourage from Mail. I should have that review posted this weekend.


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You don't have an MS passport? Odd, though maybe that's because almost everyone I know needs it for MSN Messenger which is by far the most popular IM client in the UK, hence the reason why I use that more than other networks.

The MS and Google newsgroups are the same, it's just that Google's version only has posts up until Thursday for some reason. If you go back a few pages on MS's site you'll see the same posts appearing.

Interesting, the two look different.

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