Happy Birthday to Me (2004)

This past Saturday (the 24th) I turned 26. The payoff for 25 was a major cut in car insurance payments, too bad I will see nothing like that this year. This weekend I went back home to Navarre even though I was as tired as I was. I am finding that working 2nd shift and then trying to have a normal weekend is hard to accomplish. For my birthday dinner my Dad suggested Cici's Pizza, a new pizza joint that recently opened in Massillon. That sounds good to me! Cici's is a chain, although I have never heard of them. I highly recommend it though. It cost $5 and some change for this LONG buffet of different pizzas, a couple kinds of pasta, salad, and they even had desserts. Good stuff. Anyway... Grandma made an angel food cake, (my favorite) I opened my loot and then we ate cake :) I got a bunch of great gifts this year, thanks to all! From my Aunt Lois I got 3 books. Commercial Photoshop with Bert Monroy, Dreamweaver MX 2004 Magic, and Don't Make Me Think. All are great books. Bert Monroy is on The Screen Savers a lot, and he always has great tips. I have had these books on my Amazon Wish List for a while now. I have all of the Dreamweaver Magic series books, and they are great. I would recommend them all without even looking at the projects they have. The MX 2004 version of the book has some great new projects I can't wait to try out. Don't Make Me Think is thus far a great book. I am about 50 pages into it, and it is nice to read a web usability book that is not by Jacob Nielsen. I read Designing Web Usability years ago and while it is a great book, it is a thick read. On the other hand Don't Make Me Think is a very light read. I cannot wait to finish this book so I can give it a full review. From my step brother Max I got a car charger for my cell phone. I have actually already used it this week. From my grandma and step mom Melody I got a Wahl Designer wet/dry pair of hair clippers. Melody who is a beautician tells me this is a lot nicer then the one she uses at work, so she is jealous. From my Dad I got a bunch more mobile accessories. Dad got me a travel charger, which is great because I no longer need to unplug my standard charger when I go somewhere for the weekend. He also got me an extended battery which was sorely needed. Thanks everyone for such a great 26th birthday! Now a birthday isn't complete without buying something for yourself. I bought a digital video camera. Why? Who knows, just for the fun of it. More on my new dv cam later.

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