Man Accused Of Badly Beating Baby For Breaking PlayStation 2

6:37 p.m. EDT May 6, 2004 - A Lake Worth man is charged with aggravated child abuse after he took his 21-month-old stepson to a local hospital limp and unconscious. The boy also has a blood clot in his brain. Cedrick Ferguson, 26, admitted to beating his stepson with a belt earlier this week. Police said Ferguson told them the boy broke his PlayStation 2 video game system, prompting the beating. Sgt. Dan Boland, of the Lake Worth Police Department, said the boy had bruises across his body. But Ferguson denied striking him in the head, Boland said. Source: MSNBC This is very sad. I only hope that this is not blamed on video games. We all know that "it's always the video games fault" is the boiler plate of today's media. This is a case of "he would have done it anyway" which, happens to be my response to all the "it's always the video games fault" comments I read.

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