Microsoft starts selling Office for Mac

Microsoft starts selling Office for Mac (CNN). WOW. Heck yea! Its about time! Oh, wait just a minute here... Who makes the Office suite that I have used for years now on the Mac? As my friend Brandon pointed out, there are probably a few folks out there that might think this is the FIRST time Microsoft has sold Office for the Mac. In reality this is just poor judgment on a copy editor or someone else in the food chain. Believe me, I see this kind of blunder at The BG News enough that I now pick it up in a great many places. Granted the ambiguity is cleared up in the lead, but still. By the way, I bought the "Student & Teacher" version of Office 2004 - you would not believe the cheap prices you can find on software in the bubble we like to call academia. Its got some improvements. See forthcoming review for more.

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