Microsoft Web Site Hacked

By Vitaliy Earlier today Microsofts website got defaced by OutLaw Group, Microsoft already took down the defaced page but you can still see it in Googles cache. I am surprised that this was not (yet) posted on all the news websites, so let me share it with you. Source: Urban Whore Vitaliy sent this to me, so sure I'll post it! Great web site name, by the way.

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You may want to take a look at when it comes to website defacement stats’Ķ

Thank you for the comment about the name, heh, originally it was just a joke. Having problems with it though, people keep thinking its some porn-site and spam.

Dave, defacing websites is lame and silly, the only reason this was worthy is because of the target.

Dave, I could not get that page to load, only the root domain. and here is the defacing by OutLaw Group.

Vitaliy, you are correct, I almost through it away as porn spam.


Yea, I had some problems getting the page to load too. Persistance paid off however.

Vitaliy, I understand the comment was meant as humor about MS being hacked again. It was just the comment at the end of the post about Linux being safer than IIS.

Plus, my hackles always get raised when people point out one OS's problems and say another one is safe. I keep saying that it's not true. If the other OS was popular enough, it would be hit as well. Zone-H pretty much shows that both Windows and Linux get attacked a lot. Because they are popular web servers. If Linux was 90% popular and IIS 10%, Linux would be getting pelted exclusively.

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