Movable Type 3.0 Installed

That was quick and very easy. MT 3 is now running. (The version number in the footer is static) After I am done working today I will write up a full report. All in all it took me less then 10 minutes start to finish to complete the upgrade. The new admin UI is killer! I have to add the code to the comments for the new authentication that MT 3 uses. Until then you will not see your comment until I approve it. GOOD BYE COMMENT SPAM!

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The new admin UI is killer!
It had better be for what they are asking for it. Sheesh. Glad I'm not using MT anymore...

It's fortunate that they claim that they will not be like the RIAA and track down everyone who uses their software to make sure that they are paying what they should. From what I have been reading, if your webhost runs a server with more than 1 cpu, you could be using the software illegally...

I can't wait till I can write a full review. I am a little miffed at all the negative feedback Six Apart is getting for MT 3.

The FREE version allows for 3 blogs, one author.

Because of my donations, I payed $4.95 for the Personal License.

Anil Dash told me today via IM that I will get the full $150 credit that I payed for the commercial license of MT 2.x to put toward the Developer License of MT 3.0.

More later....

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