My DVD Player is Dead

ruh row! My CyberHome CH-300 died last week. A lot of my friends and family have bought this DVD player on my recommendation. It seems as though mine has lasted the longest though, as others have had theirs die as well, some even have bought two that have died. Well, count me in on that, the drive is less then $50, and I do not really want to spend much money on an expensive DVD player. It was a great DVD player while it lasted - almost a year. Of course, maybe there is a reason I have never heard of CyberHome before. Its such a small drive though! grrrr. I think the power supply burnt out. I hear a very high pitched whine coming from player. I am just glad I did not put a lot of money into the it. Oh well.


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Wow...that's freaky. My cheapo one that I have in bedroom died this week too. :-/ Mine simply won't boot up, says it can't read the discs. Screw you Samsung!!! Oh, don't do that. They made my TV that's not under warranty. Good Samsung....good.


You know all those things are setup in their firmware to explode on a certain date, right? ;)


Hey, there. I bought this DVD player Ch-300 Cyberhome and the power supply burnt out too. I would like to know if there is somebody here who knows where can i buy another one, cos the problem can be fixed by changing that part.
Please, if there´s someone who knows where can i find this (edit) part, please, write to my e-mail adress
I´ve been looking for this (edit) part everywhere without any results, so please help me. :sad:
Thanks a lot.

Editors Note: There is no need for swearing.

If it's a power supply, it will be cheaper to just get a new DVD player for the same $30 price. It's one of the more expensive parts to replace.


Also owned a Cyber Home DVD Player (CH-300) and went on me one day. It had lasted me a good year or so. My parents DVD player also malfunctioned the same way. Both of them "smoked" and then stopped working and no power would go to the DVD player. We also thought that it was a power supply issue and returned the players to Walmart. Since then, I had exchanged the non working unit for another unit (manuf. date May 2004) and has worked ever since. I have noticed that the previous models that were made around the month of Febuary 2004 do not read many new media (burned DVD-R or DVD-RW. I think these were also the models that died. I love the great model and it's still going great. If yours dies, return it back to the store and exchange it for another one, or go for a Diamond Vision DVD player. It is very similar in design and plays most media like the Cyber Home. ;) :)

Brandon, thanks for the info. I ended up giving the DVD player to my buddy's dad. He fixed it, and now my buddy has it. I bought my dad this same model CyberHome for Christmas 2003 and his is still working. It is luck of the draw. I have since bought a JVC that is still working fine.


I have two cyberhome dvd players with burnt out power supplies. If anyone knows how to get a replacement it would be much appreciated. The connector from the power supply to the rest of the player looks like a standard floppy disk power connector.



You will have to contact CyberHome to get a replacement power supply. However, it will cost more than the player is worth. These are "disposable" electronics.

What I have found is that the filter capacitors swell and burn up. You can replace these capacitors but the same thing will happen eventually. This is indicative of "Made In China" power supplies. There are many computer motherboards which are manufactured in China that suffer the same fate. Actually, people should get together and start a class action lawsuit against this injustice. This problem is generated by cost-cutting activities rampant in all electronic manufacturerers. They know most people will simply buy another device.

If you do buy another DVD player please dispose of your current one properly.

Hi Ed. My best friend's dad fixed the power supply. So I gave it to him, he is still using it today. So I guess you could say I disposed of it.

I was so over this problem a while ago. I bought a JVC DVD player and it has worked just great.

Thanks for the info!

Andrew Plumb:

I'm currently trying to fix my girlfriends CyberHome DVD player as the power supply blew up recently which seems to have been due to the decoupling caps on the D.C side of the supply expiring. I've changed the caps and the switching FET but am still waiting for the PWM controller I've bought so I can change that too. Does anyone know what the value of R10 in the PSU is because it's burnt out and I can't find out what value it was now? If someone could tell me this I would be most grateful. It would seem that the power supplies in these units are a bad design though and that the ripple current in the output decoupling capacitors hasn't been taken into account to give the units a good lifetime before failure. At least there cheap I suppose! Thanks


Bought the same Cyberhome DVD player (Manufactured November 2003) at wallmart and the power supply burned out after 1 year of use.

Seems to e the same problem everyone describes, 4 capacitators near the front are swelled up and the PCB is brown in this area, also fuse is burnt.

How can they get away with selling this crap?


I had the same problem with a Cyberhome DVD320. It worked for a year just fine and then a funny smell and "gyration" in the raster at about three or four hertz. Sounds like a bad supply. I hate this Chinese crap. Don't buy anything electronic from Walmart. They put pressure on manufacturers, even good ones, to use substandard parts. Considering that Walmart factories in China pay their workers thirteen cents an hour( the minimum wage in that country is thirty-one cents. Whop-de-do...) I should have been smarter than this.

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