Napster goes live in UK, iTunes still pending

Roxio Inc. announced on Thursday that its Napster online music download service has gone live in the UK, well ahead of a promise the company made in March to launch the service before the end of summer. Apple, meanwhile, continues to make plans for a European launch of its rival iTunes Music Store service, though the company is reluctant to offer a firm release date. Source: MacCentral Yet again, even though apple announces or ships something first, someone else delivers first. I will be interested what Neil will have to say about this. Wow, like clockwork, Neil has his take. Come on Apple, you announced UK support a long time ago, where is it?

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Apple had aimed to have a Europe-wide launch in March, but that evidently didn't materialise. The fact that they are trying to launch across Europe at the same time is probably the problem - apparently the delay is down to negotiations with record labels. Obviously, you need to negotiate with a different set of labels, so if you're trying to launch in 10 countries, you have to negotiate with several labels in each country.

Of course, in an ideal world, the labels would be jumping at the opportunity at having their music made available using what is arguably the best online music store, but then, as I've said many times before, when did the music industry ever have a clue?

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