Pepsi-iTunes promo produces weak redemption numbers

An Apple representative said Wednesday that only about 5 million free songs have been given away through the Pepsi-iTunes promotion -- a lot less than the 100 million songs that could have been redeemed. "We had hoped the redemptions would have been higher," Katie Cotton, Apple's vice president of worldwide corporate communications, told CNET Consumers with winning bottle cap codes have until Friday to redeem them. Source: C|Net & MacMinute I have heard that it was the fault of Pepsi on this one. I heard a joke that "If Apple had Pespi in charge of its Apple Stores they would have G3's on the shelves." And I can say that we did not get the Pepsi bottles with the iTunes caps until halfway through the give away here at BGSU. I also noticed that other places like Miejer and gas stations did not have the iTunes caps until at least halfway through the give away as well. I also know a lot of people who just threw away the winning bottle caps. Of course a lot of people are not going to redeem the caps. But the fact that Pepsi did not get out of the gate on time sure didn't help one bit.

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Did you really expect all 100,000,000 songs to be given away? At first, I did. Then I realized, waiting for the bottles to arrive where I work, that 100,000,000 just wasn't going to happen.

First, there are alot of people that drink Pepsi... Of that group, how many would be computer users? Then how many have an iPod/iTunes on their computer? Then there is still the 1 in 3 chance. That topped with the just over 3 month promotion leaves you with very little chance.

The grocery store I go to didn't even have the 20oz bottles! I did see a cap however. The office finally has the bottles now. Heh. I helped someone get their free song last week.

The promo sure made Apple look good thought, didn't it! :)

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