Stupid Energy Saver

I did something pretty stupid at work yesterday. I setup a temporary file server so I could format our file server and install Panther Server on it. Everything worked on the new temp file server. It was a long day, I went home. I did not get much sleep, an hr. or so. Paul calls me at 7 AM "I can't see the temp file server in the Chooser." And there it hit me, like a brick. I bet the energy saver preferences are set to go to sleep. I cannot believe I forgot to check that! Easy, I can walk Paul through this on the phone. One small problem, Paul (for some odd reason) does not have a key for room 202. "OK, I'll be in, give me 5." One or maybe two hrs. of sleep, I drive into work. Sure enough, energy saver was set to turn on after 3 hrs. and even spin down the hard drive. Man did I feel stupid. I was home by 8 AM and slept until the interviews I was conducting later yesterday.

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