Twister DVD DTS Edition Review

Twister still ranks high as far as summer movies go. This one drew huge crowds and the money this one raked in is disgusting, much like Jan De Bonts other actionfest, Speed. Did it deserve it? Probably. This is a great popcorn action flick and an outstanding disc to boot. Bill Paxton stars as a storm chaser along with his extranged wife played by Helen Hunt. Their goal is to get a look inside a tornado with the newly developed machine called "Dorothy." It sends up hundereds of tiny little receptors that capture all the data about the twister and send it back to their computers. Of course, there is a rival group with better equipment out to do the same thing. It's an intense ride that has them not only battling the elements, but trying to save thier jobs as well. This is not a movie you should expect to go into expecting a deep plot. The romantic storyline is really unnecessary and only serves to give a little bit of backstory to the characters, setting it up for the disaster to come. This one is all about insane action and spectacular effects that still hold up. Some of the sequences are just ridiculous, but as far as braindead action movies go, this is a classic. (**** out of *****)
Twister is presented as it should be, 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen. This is a print clear of any scratches and only minor grain. The explosions feature brilliant hues of orange and red, crystal clear like no other disc has ever matched. The CG effects are a bit more obvious thanks to the clarity, but that's certainly not a flaw of the picture. (****) Any great action movie needs a great soundtrack and Twister delivers...incredibly. You'll have the option of Dolby 5.1 or a much more powerful DTS track. The bass provided is insane and with all the debris flying around, rest assured you can track it all with your ears. Just wait until you reach the infamous cow segment for the perfect example of why this is a perfect demo disc for a home theater. (*****) Extras are sparse but serviceable. First up is a commentary by Jan De Bont and the special effects supervisor. 2 documentaries are included, one an HBO First look cheesy making of that runs about 12 minutes. The second one runs about 10 minutes and looks at how the storm where brought to life (with computers...can you believe it?). Also tossed on is a Van Halen music video and the trailer. I'm sure more extras where excised in favor of the DTS track and home theater fans will certainly be happy with the outcome. (***) If you can't swallow that a car can drive straight through a rolled over house in the road without a scratch, then this is not your movie. If you simply want the visceral thrill of a drive in theater being ripped apart, tanker trucks being thrown through the air, flying cows, and psuedo science, this movie will be a classic in your book. Oh, and if audio is your strong point, welcome home.

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