Upgrading Baseview Software

The first step of the transition ot InDesign and OS X has come to pass. Today we got our upgrade package of Baseview software. Baseview makes software for newspapers, we use Baseview software for editorial, production, and advertising. We are upgrading editorial and production this summer. Upgrading advertising would cost too much, as we would also need to get new computers to be able to run Mac OS X. Last summer we got new eMacs and a dual 2 Ghz G5 for production and editorial. This summer we are upgrading the software, Baseview and Adobe being the two components of that. We are also doing a cross-grade from Quark Xtentions to InDesign plugins. There are two plugins we use- DragIn and CopyTools. I have never used these before, but as I saw in Chicago these plugins look and act like their Quark counterparts DragX and QTools. We also use a MS Word like text editor called NewsEdit Pro that works with InDesign (in the same way that InCopy CS works with InDesign, well sorta). We use a Xtension called ClassFlow to flow our classifieds. Baseview have not ported this to InDesign yet (Grrrr) so we will still need to do the classifieds in Quark 4 and OS 9 somehow. This is something that we need to figure out how to handle until we get a native InDesign version of ClassFlow. Hurry up Baseview! WireManager is the last application we use in the daily production of the newspaper. WireManager grabs the AP news from the satellite rack down the hall, through a serial connection of all things! Currently the computer WireManager runs on is a PowerMac 7100/66. I remember when those computers were blazing fast! Thanks to the University's Desktop Replacement Program, I can replace that 7100/66 with an iMac that can handle OS X. I need the OS X version of WireManager because of our move to InDesign (I was hoping we could just use our OS 9 version of WireManager, but alas, things are never that easy). We have 20 seats ordered of Adobe Creative Suite, which is for BG News, Obsidian, Gavel, Miscellany, Unigraphics, and Production. It sure will be nice having CS everything at all desks. When that arrives I will get to have fun learning how to use the new Baseview plugins for InDesign. Then also comes creating InDesign templates, styles, and libraries out of all our Quark templates, styles, and libraries. Thats a lot of work! Paul and I get to tackle that job soon.

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Newsroom upgrades are no fun. At least you're not publishing right now, as doing software upgrades during a publishing schedule (which I've had to do) is a royal pain in the butt.

My newspaper is also looking at making the transition, and like you, is frustrated at Baseview's seeming inability to translate ClassFlow over to InDesign.
It's going to keep one Mac trapped in OS9 to run Q4.11 just to do our classifieds. I hear rumblings that something might be coming soon, but I'm not sure if it will be soon enough.

Yep, we are doing the same exact thing. You can do ClassFlow in Quark 4.11 in Classic but it takes twice as long. We also found that if you PostScript a file out of Quark 4.11 in Classic the Helvetica we use gets all italicized. Who knows why, and I don't need to try and figure that out b/c the process with OS 9 is about half the steps.

We flow the classifieds and rip them into PDF. Then that OS 9 box goes unused until the next day. We place the PDF in InDesign and finish the paper.

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