Using Office 2004

For about the last two months, I've been using Mac Office 2004 on a Power Mac G5. I swapped out my fourth grader's Windows Media Center PC for an iMac so she could use the software, too. I am generally impressed with the power and performance of Mac Office 2004, which, like its predecessor, I would say offers many advantages over Office for Windows. For businesses users, I would consider the new "Compatibility Reports" feature to be one of the most important enhancements. The tool checks documents for compatibility with older Mac and Windows versions of Office. Considering that interoperability rates as one of IT decision makers top priorities, the feature could help salve concerns about Mac Office compatibility with its Windows cousin. Even without the feature, I find the new Office to produce documents that are more compatible with older Windows versions. The Compatibility Reports feature is access through a toolbar icon called "Toolbox," which also leads to "Scrapbook," "Reference Tools" and "Project Center," which are new or enhanced features. Source: Microsoft Monitor


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