Wednesday reckoning day for porn spammers

E-mail users in the U.S. who have resigned themselves to being shocked by eye-popping pornographic messages in their inboxes can expect some relief Wednesday, when federal legislation governing sexually explicit unsolicited commercial ("spam") e-mail takes effect.

In April, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) adopted the rule, part of the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act, which requires spam containing sexually oriented material to contain the label "SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT" in the subject line. The FTC likened the requirement to putting an electronic "brown paper wrapper" around raunchy spam. Spammers who ignore the law risk fines, the FTC said.

The rule is designed to protect e-mail recipients from graphic and unsolicited sexual images. The labels make it easier to spot and filter out such messages before they land in a recipient's in-box. In addition to the label, explicit spam must include a valid postal address for the sender, the FTC said....

The final rule, which goes into effect Wednesday, reflects feedback from the public on the label, which was originally supposed to read "SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT-CONTENT," but later shortened to allow more of the e-mail subject line to be readable, the FTC said.

Yes, please, reading the subject "13 yr. old Lolita" is very important. Give me a break.

Source: MacCentral

My grandmother is even been desensitized to prOn SPAM now. Although hearing her tell me about the first time she opened a porno SPAM was pretty funny. Poor grandma, she didn't know what she was getting into. No words of warning are enough for the unexacting grandparent.

When will this happen? I am not holding my breath. The sooner the better! Besides, do you realize how many alternates to "SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT" will be used? Lets take some guesses, shall we.







"S E X U A L L Y - E X P L I C I T"

"S    EXUA  LLY-E  XPL   ICI  T"

"SEXUA  LLY-EX   PLICIT         df97s"







"Sexual:Explicit" (I got one of these today)

"SEXUALLY EXPLICIT" (I got one of these today)

See, they are not going to conform to a standard. I will add a few of these to SpamAssasin, and watch what all variations come through the pipe. I am very happy to see a few of my SPAMS even using this already. "Happy" and "SPAM" in one sentance, ugg!

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"chuckle" It cracks me up when I get spam at work with a subject like "****SPAM**** -- text follows here...".

It's like they are telling you to just delete the message without even thinking about it. It seems that [AD] would be better and would still spark my curiosity.

Ah well, so long as they put something I can key on...

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