Weinsteins buy 'Fahrenheit' film

Miramax founders acquired rights to distribute Michael Moore's controversial movie from Disney. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Michael Moore's controversial documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" moved a step closer to U.S. theaters on Friday as Miramax film studio founders Harvey and Bob Weinstein personally bought rights to the picture from Walt Disney Co.... After more than three weeks of talks, the Weinsteins bought rights to the film for costs to date, estimated at about $6 million, and will arrange for theatrical and home video distribution, both sides said in a statement issued on Friday.... Source: CNN Money Yay! We get to see what our Government, um, I mean Disney didn't want us to see. Some people might think that Moore is a kook who is only out to give Americans a bad name. I am not too sure its Moore thats doing the giving here. His books and documentaries may look a little extreme, but I am willing to take a Moore film or book with a grain of salt rather then get white washed by media and Government, those players who tell us exactly what we need to hear. I can't wait to own a copy of Fahrenheit 9/11 on DVD. I will be one of the first in line. You know what they say, "There is no such thing as bad publicity." Thats the reason right there that Michael Moore's stuff sells. Well that and curiosity killed the cat. The Weinsteins did a good thing, especially since Fahrenheit got the nod at Cannes.


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