Apple offers 'iPod your BMW' details

Owners of select BMW automobiles can now have their Apple iPods integrated directly into their vehicle's audio systems thanks to a new interface developed by Apple and BMW. The iPod can be controlled directly from your BMW's audio system and multi-function steering wheel through the use of an integrated adapter that's installed into the vehicle's glovebox. It's available for model year 2002, 2003 and 2004 BMW3 Series; Z4 Roadster; X3 and X5 SAV; and MINI models. The interface cable is not available on vehicles with navigation system, CD changer, DSP cassette player or satellite radio. Source: MacCentral I just saw the commercial for the first time. Pretty slick. Nice commercial. I think I will stick with my Belkin Auto Kit and Belkin Cassette Adapter, its a little cheaper then a new BMW. Thanks to Max for the link. Also see: iPod Your BMW Press Release


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Engadget isn't so convinced since it has quite a few limitations. You're probably better off buying an iTrip (which will work in any vehicle, not just a BMW or Mini) - although it's claimed that the sound quality is better if you use the iPod Your BMW device, apparently the difference isn't so noticable.

Still, it's good that it works with the Mini :-D

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