Are PDAs Simply Finished?

After Sony's sudden plan to discontinue the Clie and pull out of the American PDA market, many industry observers have increased their speculation about the demise of the PDA, in general. The Japanese electronics giant was defeated in the American market by increased competition and an industry-wide decline in PDA sales. Sony said that it would continue to market its PDAs in Japan where there is less competition. So, where does this leave the U.S. PDA market? Palm, with its Zire line of PDAs, is an example of a company which is still offering a PDA in great demand. Source: News I do not think PDA's are 'finished' though. You can keep a PDA longer then a computer, they do not loose their value as quickly. It will be a few years before my T3 needs replacing. It is more then fast enough to open PDF and Word files, not to mention its a pretty mean mobile gaming system. The market in the US is getting saturated though, that is for sure. I was gonna post about this when Sony made their announcement, but I did not want to sound like a Palm fanboy. PalmOne sells because they are cheap and they have very well designed hardware. Sony - on the other hand - has very exotic designed hardware that is very pricey and has nothing over what PalmOne offers. Maybe that is why Sony pulled out of the US PDA market. Every time I bought a new PDA I looked at buying a Sony. I ended up buying a Palm every single time. Sony is Sony, they are going to be expensive. I don't want to pay $600 for a top of the line PDA, Palm's top of the line (the Tungsten T3 and C) are $400. Thats a big difference in price, and no difference in features. You do the math.

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