ARTC 400 - History of Animation

This was a 3 week, 1 credit hr. class. It was 6 to 9 PM three days a week. We watched animations from all over the world, and all throughout the history of animation. Everything from stop motion to scratching on film to claymation to cel animation to anime to computer animation.
As a side note, we watched Yellow Submarine in class. I just got the book Up Periscope Yellow, written by the producer of Yellow Submarine, Al Brodax. I am reviewing it for the book's publisher and Fun little coincidence. I am 1/3 through the book and will have a review when I am finished.
We had two small writing assignments to do in the class, one of them you can see here, the other I guess Bonnie didn't put online. Most probably because she simply does not have the time. We also had a small cel animation to make. A metamorphoses from organic to mechanical objects. Every person in the class had to draw either organic or mechanical (we chose these subjects the first day of class). We then swapped our object with someone else. This way everyone was morphing their object into someone else's. I drew a pocket knife. I had to morph this into a branch with leaves and flowers. Here is the finished animation. It is a QuickTime. I do not have time to make a poster image, and put in all the code, so if WMP or RM hijacks it, then thats because they like to. Just click the thumbnail. I also reversed it so you can see the effect as if I were animating from the branch to the knife. More or less only because iMovie has this nifty "Reverse Animation" feature. The QT is 324 KB, but please be kind to the bandwidth bill, and download it only once.
This was done on 4x6 postcard stock. 75 frames at 15 fps is 5 seconds on amination! I am very happy how it turned out. At some point in time in the near future I will have the entire metamorphoses online for your viewing pleasure. There were 14 people in the class, and most did the least 75 frames and not the max 150 frames, so 70 seconds or so is the length of the entire thing, plus titles and credits. Thanks to my free FreePlay music (because I am a .Mac member) I even contributed a music track. I hope to have the full metamorphoses online soon as well. This class was great. I wish it was a full 6 week summer class. Heck I wish this class was offered during the semester. They offer a History of Design class during semester. They need a History of Animation class semester long as well. There were so many animations we did not get to simply because we did not have the time. This was the first cel animation I have done and it is pretty cool. Just time consuming! If I think of any other morph type anims to do, maybe I will give another one a try. So should I go back to animation - my first field of study, before I wished to web and multimedia? Ahhh... Fond memories of Alias|Wavefrom PowerAnimator 8.7 and the arid switch to Maya 1.0. Yea, that was fun. Safice it to say I made it through Maya 3.0 and a bit of fun with MEL scripting before I just got burnt out with 3D animation. OK, that trip down memory lane was sponsored by Dr. Pepper/ Red Bull (scientific 50/50 mix) because I have been up for 26 hrs. strait. CIAO

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