ColorWare Paints iPod, iBook, PowerBook

It paints some pretty ugly looking PC desktops and laptops as well. I saw the iPods, iBook and PowerBook paint jobs on The Screen Savers. Yoshi seemed to like the paint jobs, all were very impressed. I also learned that my Alien Green AlienWare rig got its paint job thanks to ColorWare. I sent in my 2 iPods in to get painted. I got one painted Candy Apple Red, the other Dragon Green. Getting an iPod painted does not cost much, only $50 bucks. My reasons are more then aesthetics. Although having a red iPod is so much more unique then a white one. After painting the iPod there is a clear coat that is pretty scratch resistant, as the hosts of TSS keep telling us the clear coat has kept up over time. This is great, because I am getting tired of my iSkin. The iSkin is great, but it adds bulk and you cannot use the iPod Dock with the skin on. I will have photos when they return. Should I get my PowerBook painted? Sure it costs $400, but to have a blindingly bright yellow PowerBook? Thats priceless, right? Let me know, be sure a vote in my poll.

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