ESPN's fumbled ‘Playmakers' now on DVD

If you tune in to ESPN for even 15 minutes, you're almost sure to see a commercial for the DVD collection of “Playmakers.” “The show everyone's talking about,” we're told in the commercial. Yes, but ESPN won't say what people are saying. They're talking about the decision by the all-sports network to voluntarily cancel “Playmakers” after one season, despite terrific ratings and strong reviews from critics, including this one. Source: The Kansas City Star I just ordered this not-so-cheap DVD set. This is a worthy keepsake though, since we will never see it again, so it is worth it to me. What a shame. Do you really think the NFL would have cut its contract with ESPN to shreds? I guess a solid demographic and loyal audience doesn't matter to EOE. I also found a solid yet rather conservative (consider the source) review over at ESPN's Page 3.

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