G4TechTV: What the Hell Happened?

I am ticked off. Rule # 1: Don't ruin a good web site full of valuable information. Rule # 2: Don't mess with a man's cable programming. And by the way, could they be more original with the name? G4TechTV. Sounds like MSNBC or something. The new G4TechTV web site does not like Safari at all. The layer that lets you get to the shows without having to go to the Shows page and scroll for ever and a day... That layer does not work in Safari. What the hell happened to The Screen Savers pointer, the URL thescreensavers.com used to take you strait to the TSS Show page. Hello, change the pointer! How the ********* hard is that? What the hell happened to the TSS show notes. Every day at the beginning of the show, they talk about 2 to 3 news stories that caught there eye. Where are the links in the show notes? Where the hell are the years of archives from TSS? They are keeping the techtv.com domain for email, why not just leave the web site up until the web team gets everything ported over to g4techtv.com? Is it just me or does this just seem like common sense? I understand it takes time to do things, but when its already there, its already there. Both Sarah Lane and Kevin Rose have had to resort to using their personal blogs to post their tweaks and tips! What is wrong with that? According to Kevin they are porting one proprietary system to what.... another proprietary system. I am hoping that within these proprietary systems lives some standards, like XML for example. We can only hope. At least G4 seems to know how to install and run a message board. Not that that is hard to accomplish. I haven't even started talking about the programming of G4TechTV yet. And I am not going to. The new station is horrid. I have never seen so many reruns in a two week time period then on this station, but G4 has always been like that. The "merger" - if you want to call it that, has ruined TechTV. I used to watch a few shows on TechTV. Now I just TIVO TSS and don't watch any of it. I play video games, I subscribe to video game magazines and web sites, but I don't need to see the same review about the same game three times in two weeks (it has happened on G4). The video game programming on G4 is a lot of fluff. I still watch X Play if I have the time. And they need to straiten out that web site. I refer a lot of answers to the knowledge found in the thousands of articles in the TechTV archive. Be sure to read the comments on this post over at Blogcritics.


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Well, I have given up on the whole channel!... Well, all but Extended Play. I used to watch that show when it was on a different channel. I can't remember anymore, was it Discovery? Anyway, I really like the two guys that talk about the games and they are both in the industry. So they know what they are talking about.

The rest of the shows on G4TechTV are crap! Unfortunatly, that includes TSS. The segments have gone down hill since Leo left. Yes, I'll admit it. Leo probably contributed alot to the show.

Really, though... You can take a segment of Sarah trying to tell us how to mess with RegEdit to tweak something in Windows XP?

What really surprises me is that Patrick has the lowest billing of the group, yet he's probably been on the show longer than any one of them. It amazes me that he puts up with it all.

Tommy and Victor, they do do good reviews. That is true.

Yea TSS has gone down hill.

If anything, I like Leo's little segments.

See I TIVO it, I just fast forward past the stupid Sarah segments :-P

I couldn't have said this better myself. G4TECHTV SUCKS! TSS gets worse every episode. I don't think Patrick is going to LA, and Leo obviously had a lot to do with the show, cause it has been all downhill since he left. They cancelled Call for Help, which for newbies was a godsend. I TIVO TSS, but its getting so bad I will probably stop doing that and cancel my additional cable package that I pay for to get this G4 crap. I'm 24 and probably considered part of their target audience, and yes I game, but I don't wanna watch others game. I am more of an IT sysadmin type. Hopefully someday we will get a real Tech Network.

Nick Rosencrans:

I agree with the audience on this one. I'm writing my interest off wholesale on this "G4TechTV" mutant, purely out of spite.

I'm really hoping that they crash and burn on this one. Not only because I absolutely LOVED TechTV (and ZDTV in the good 'ol days), but because I know enough about the US market to know that rule number ONE is that the customer is always right. And when a stupid company like G4 decides to take away everything good about a television network like they have, to rip away 285 jobs and numerous hosts the public has come to love, and still has the audacity to tell us "it's better this way", it just gets me mad.

So with TechTV now a very fond memory, I sit purposely not watching anything G4. And I plan on telling all of my friends to do the same. And they'll tell their friends to do the same.

So yeah... down with G4, everybody. It's not like they care what you think anyway.

I miss Techtv every day. I tried to like g4techtv, I really did! I can not stomach almost everything on it! It seems to be geared toward 11 and 12 year old boys, and thats fine, they could have added more programing for that age group, but they didn't have to kill the whole thing! Call for help especially, was a valuable resource that will be missed by many. I feel like I lost good friends. I seriously doubt any thing like Techtv will happen again. I will be happy when g4techtv gets flushed down the pipes and those responsible for the new programing get baned from the industry.

The network will burn that's sure enough. The first station I ever found when I got my Sat. Disk was TechTV with Leo's smiling face. Hell Even my 87 year old grandmother enjoyed the shows he was on.

Unfortunately in this world of haves and have nots justice rarely comes to those who truly deserve it. After the meltdown of G-bore-no-techtv the executives will probably go on to jobs at CNN, NBC, and HBO and buy new bentleys every year.

Just enjoy what you have while you have it and assume it may be gone tomorrow. That's the best you can hope for with such things.

Chad Scowcroft:

javascript:emoticon(':mad:')G4TechTV sucks now. I agree with everyone else and just had to put my 2 cents in. I used to learn a lot of useful tricks and tips but now I don't even bother watching any of it. I hope the whole thing get pulled. Its better that way way than to have that kind of crap on the air. BRING BACK THE OLD TECHTV. But of course "Big Business" will never be able to admit that they were wrong.

I agree with everyone else here as well. Some frickin losers at Comcast have really made a terrible mistake...seriously....TechTV used to be my most favorite channel to watch...now G4TechTV is practically my least favorite. Comcast has enough money, just keep owning TechTV, split the networks, and keep TechTV in San Francisco where it belongs! They could get SOOO many better ratings if they and half a brain and NOT merged them in the first place.


G4 bought TechTV simply to get the distribution channel. They have no interest in the TTV shows, succesful or not, and will not likely roll over. I used to leave the TV on TechTV. Now it's back to CNN (zzzz...) and Tivo the TSS. I have to admit that I bought all kinds of hardware and software because I became interested in it from TTV. I was always up to date on viruses and technology issues in the news. I like it that way and if I could get in back...paid TV or not... I would. The crowd from TTV SAnFrancisco should get underwriting and revive the shows. The buyers are there for a proven audience. SCREW G4. I'd love for their arrogant deceptive gamble to go right down the drain. Long live TechTV.


G4TechTV Sucks!!!!


I have to agree with everyone else. Comcast REALLY $#%@#@ up a good thing. Site is soooooooooo slow, search doesn't work or takes forever. What ever happend to the downloads section?


I loved Techtv. So maybe at first there were a lot of re runs but there was more interesting content. Tech Live, FreshGear, TSS were my Favs. G4 u ruined my life. What person wants to watch a show full of in-game cut scenes. I dotn watch them in my game never mind on TV!!!!!


Merger? What merger? More like a Hostage taking situation! Save TechTV


sigh why do corp havd to change things for the worst... i miss techtv ..at least i saw kat on regis and kelly showing off summer beach tech items..


all i can say is someone fu%$ed up big time g4 sucks the big one... :mad:


For the record. Comcast owns the G4 network, and BOUGHT OUT TechTV, then decided to merge the two. Comcast is by far the worst cable company I have ever dealt with. I moved here to PA from Florida where we had the equally sucky Time-Warner cable company, which is why I ditched them and went with Satellite (at least THEN I had TechTV) I move here to PA, where Comcast doesnt even OFFER TechTV, instead they offer this ultra-shitty G4 garbage. Then I hear theyre buying TechTV, but then fucked it all up merging with G4. I swear there is no justice in this world. I miss Leo

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