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I have 6 GMail invites to give away. If you want one, send me an email. ken [at] meancode [dot] com UPDATE 6: I have 0 more invites to give away! When I get more I will let you know. For those who wanted to know, I have given away 28 GMail accounts so far. Some people have asked me how they can repay me for giving them a GMail account. First, enjoy it, GMail is a really nice system. Second, you could always refer people to read my blog, that always makes me happy. UPDATE 7: I have 0 more invites to give away! Please stop emailing me asking for one. I am not keeping your name and email for when I get more invites. Nor am I going to take the names and emails from the comments. When I get more invites (If I get more) I will post about them, and THEN it will be first come first serve. You can grovel all you want though, that never hurt anyone. :) Thanks.

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Man, the invites are pouring out now. They must be on the verge of opening to the public at this point.

At least I hope so, I want to get my parents on this soon so that they will have an easier e-mail experience. Right now they are using Outlook Express and I really want to get them away from it.

Wil Wheaton is asking folks with invites to send them to GI's. He thinks it would be great for sending pictures and movies and such. I tried to send a 4MB file to my Gmail account and it bounced with a "mailbox full" error. Heh. I then sent the 4MB file from Gmail to my normal account and it worked and had the 4MB file in my sent list. I wrote up a bug report about it.

Nice idea though...


Thank you for sending me the gmail invitation! As you can see, I registered for an account.

Dave, that is a great idea. But as there is no clearinghouse for just military GMail hopefuls, there is no way to know if it would go to someone in the military. But yes, good idea.


Can you invite me to gmail account. thank you so much :) thank u very much


I would very much like a gmail invite. My other email accounts a already overflowing with invites to enlarge my p*nis, blind dates ready to meet me and adds for little blue pills. Hmmmm, there seems to be a pattern here.

Well, if gmail invites are still available, I would be most grateful.

thank you.


Do you still have a gmail invites to give away? If so, can you send me one?



Can someone plz gimme a gmail invite . I really would like to have one .. If someone has just got a gmail account , then he/she is sure to get more invites from gmail .. plz can you give me one ?


hi i would really love a gmail account invite pls pls plssss send me one!!!

I REALY want al Gmail Acount please sent me an invite Thanx!!


i would really like one of those gmail invites! Please?!!?

HI there! need an invite too :D could you send me one? i'll refer some people to your blog if that makes you happy :D :D :D

Can I please have a G-Mail invite, Please please please


Could you please, pretty please send me a gmail invite. Could really use one.

Thanks so much!

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