iTunes Music Store comes to UK, France, Germany

Apple on Tuesday opened for business its iTunes Music Store to customers in the UK, France and Germany. Apple said that a European Union version of the store is coming this October. Music is priced at €0.99 or £0.79 per track. The iTunes Music Store launches in the UK, France and Germany with more than 700,000 songs in its catalog, with songs from popular commercial artists represented by the five major music companies as well as dozens of independent record labels. Source: MacCentral Its about time everyone shook hands on this deal. Let the dominating begin in the UK, France, and Germany. Yes, Apple got out of the gate a little late on this. But I have no doubt, whatsoever, that the iTMS will be as big a driving force oversees as it is here. I bet it will have the same type of dominance there as it does here in the US. Isn't this the Apple mantra though? Apple has always put quality above everything else, even if it means not being the first to Windows or the first to a Europe launch. I wonder how many iPods were sold to Windows users since that launch? Apple doesn't make money off the iTMS. They make money because they will now be selling more iPods in the UK, France, and Germany. Right on cue, Neil has a great first look at the new internationally flavored iTMS. Where is iTMS Canada? I wouldn't start blaming Apple again (as they were notoriously berated for not launching the Europe stores earlier). I am going to take a guess the Canada launch has something to do with the Canadian Recording Industry. You folks up north will get the iTMS sometime soon. Things just need to fall into place - I am glad to see they finally did in Europe.

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