Multiple Power Outages at TCP Today

TCP.gifI got a call this morning in the middle of my Geology class from the TCP today. They have been having power outages and brown outs all morning. Air conditioning is off. Editorial cannot connect to the server. Layout/Production can connect, but cannot print. Deadline is 3 PM. Sounds like a blast! "We heard a couple cracks and then a pop" says two sales reps as I start looking at the "networking wall" (they do not have a networking closet). Those pops and cracks came when the power went out apparently. As far as I can tell nothing got zapped. Which is a small miracle as there is no UPS on the networking equipment. The file server has a small UPS that kept it up and running during outages, but the network backbone kept going down. By noon or so the outages stopped. I don't like to give away all my secrets, but to get everyone back on the network and printing again, I just powered off all networking and then turned it back on again after a minute. Just don't tell them that (No no, I explained this to the publisher). Nothing is getting backed up yet. They got a zip drive in to backup the paper daily, but do not have zip disks yet. I have learned over the years that when Quark (and many other apps) loose their network connection, files get corrupt and FUBAR'd really quick. I have seen this many times working at The BG News and Unigraphics. I have seen this in OS 9 a lot over the years. Luckily this did not happen today. And with no backups, I am really glad it didn't happen that way today! I am suggesting battery backup for their hubs and router. All they have is a basic surge protector right now. That is better then nothing, but it is insufficient. It was very hot today. Air conditioning was started back up as I left. It was getting rather warm in there.

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