Network Associates is granted broad antispam patent

From The Laporte Report:
And yet another entry in the Annals of Greed... Paul Graham wrote his "Plan for Spam" advocating the use of Bayesian filters in August, 2002. In December, 2002, Network Associates applied for a broad-based patent on anti-spam technologies including, what a coincidence, Bayesian filters. The pathetic USPTO just approved that patent. No word yet on how NAI will apply their patent, but it could impact every spam program out there including numerous free open source programs like SpamBayes and Spam Assassin. Symantec and Postini also have patents on anti-spam techniques. Read the discussion on Slashdot.
What is the USPTO coming to? Patents are not patents any more. They are ideas. They are technologies. They are for phrases (You're Fired). Patents are not for inventions any more. I DON'T GET IT. I wonder how this will effect the products I use, SpamSieve and POPFile. I hope that Network Associates does not start suing/killing of the commercial, and more importantly the open source bayesian filtering softwares.

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I take it you didn't read this? Looks like the USPTO had a busy day yesterday.

Don't forget the patent that was awarded to Microsoft for... wait for it... clicking on application buttons! Yes, that's right, using a mouse to click on an application button, and more importantly, double clicking/click then hold all could require a license to use soon...

Patents have gone way out of hand. The only thing I can figure is that the USPTO is looking to make as much money as they can. I just don't understand why prior art isn't working the way it's supposed to...

Neil, i got a page not found page. what was it about?

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