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You can only get the digital version (I.e. Zino) but still it is a year fo' free. The offer is apparently a hot one and the print subs are all gone. You can thank McAdee for the offer and Kevin Rose at TSS for the link. Thanks! On a side note, I love Zino! It is really nice. I don't understand why, but it runs a lot better on my PowerBook then it does on my PC desktop, even thought my PC is much more powerful. Its just sluggish in Windows. Zino is a great application. It is so nice being able to click on links that so many computer magazines print these days. Zino has not by any means stopped me from reading print magazines. You still need a magazine for sittin' on the can. I now read Zino versions of Macworld, Popular Science, and now PC Magazine. Funny thing is, I have print subs to these mags as well. It is just nice to have both. Sometimes I want to read it on my laptop, sometimes I don't.

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