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An email from Dave: After doing a little research, I think I have figured out why my personal info isn\'t being remembered when I tell it to. Looking at the cookie manager inside Mozilla I find that the cookie that your site sets for the remember personal info question has a path in it. The path is currently \"/archives/geek_speak/\" which is the last post I commented in. I verified this by going into that post again and seeing that it infact remembered my personal info, yet when I go to a different post, the personal info is lost. Thought you might want to know...
This is true, and thanks for the email. I found this out the other day thanks to a cool new blog I just added to my blogroll, The Tweezer's Edge v3. You can read about this cookie issue there. The bottom line is this: There is a javascript flaw in MT 3.0D, the functions do not set and retrieve the cookie correctly. Until 6A fix the problem, The Tweezer's Edge solution sounds tempting. Tempting until that thing called "College" and "Work" and "Freelance" come into play. I will get to fixing it though, I swear. On a related note, I need to add the new comment code. As Neil noted, and I noticed as well, the default templates on the MT site are not correct. You need to create a new blog and use those templates. This is made more difficult because of the snazzy code for the smileys and the markup buttons. That will get done too. Sometime.

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