Acrobat 6 and InDesign CS PDF

InDesign CS can PDF files just as easily as Distiller 6 can. We have a .joboptions file we use in Distiller for The BG News. For some reason, InDesign CS will not import this .joboptions file. I have to create a new "Acrobat InDesign PDF Export Presets" file. Why Acrobat 6 and InDesign CS do not use the same format is beyond me. The settings in both files are the same. The dialogs to setup these options in both applications are the same. I was able to import my Acrobat 5 .joboptions file into Acrobat 6. I would have thought I could just import my Acrobat 6 .joboptions file into InDesign CS. Nope.

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Since the first InDesign, I've wondered why ID & PDF weren't better friends.

I work in a prepress dept. We ask InDesign users to write PostScript files and run them thru Distiller rather than use ID's PDF export ability. We get more reliable PDF's that way. The one's exported out of ID tend to throw PS errors at our RIP. Illustrator, whose native format is now PDF doesn't recognize embedded fonts in PDF's. I find that curious too. (I haven't confirmed that that's still the case with Illustrator CS.)

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