Apple signs three major European indie labels to iTunes

Apple was criticized when the iTunes Music Store first launched in the UK, France and Germany in June because of the absence of independent music. That changed on Wednesday when Apple said that it has signed licensing agreements with three major European independent music labels; the agreement adds tens of thousands of additional tracks from leading independent artists to the service's UK, French and German stores... Source: MacCentral I do not know how the words major and indie fit into a headline, but this is good news for all the iTMS fans across the pond. Is it just me or is an indie label not major by defenition. We here in the US already have these artists, and its nice that the UK gets this music too. I think "Popular European indie labels" would have been more fitting, but thats just me.

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The major labels are the likes of Virgin, EMI, Sony, BMG etc, and the independents are, well, everyone else. There are some independent labels with some big artists signed to them.

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