Apple's Rendezvous comes to Windows, Linux, Java

Since Mac OS X v10.2's release, Apple has promoted a zero-configuration networking technology it calls Rendezvous. Now Apple is further promoting the standard more with the release of Rendezvous technology for Java clients, POSIX platforms including Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD, and a "technology preview" for Windows. Developers for those platforms interested in finding out more can do so on Apple's Developer Web site... Most of the software available for download from Apple's developer Web site is primarily intended for developers who can then incorporate the source code into their projects to make them Rendezvous-aware, but the Windows preview release also provides a Microsoft Internet Explorer plug-in and printer setup wizard for end users. Source: MacCentral It is true that this is not the first zero-configuration solution for Java or even Windows, but we all know how Apple can popularize a technology. Can anyone say Firewire? I could name others, but Firewire seems to jump to the top. It will be see if Microsoft does anything with Rendezvous.

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The only reason firewire is popular on Windows is the iPod and some early external HD's. This is only because USB1.1 was way to slow. Now that USB2.0 is out, you don't see that much fireware stuff again. In fact, even the latest iPod supports both firewire and USB.

We will have to see what happens with Rendezvous. I've seen it with the Mac and iTunes as well as iChat. Hopefully there are other more interesting uses for Rendezvous than that. Plus iTunes does a Rendezvous-like thing by finding all the computers in a subnet and displaying their play lists if they are public even without Rendezvous.

As much as I hate to program for QuickTime, it does seem to be the best streaming video player out there.

From what I have read about Rendezvous and Java, they are going to mystify the API there just like they did with QuickTime. Pity really... QuickTime for Java could have been really nice. Instead, Apple decided to make it easy for programmers who were used to programming QT in C/C++.

It can be said that I am waiting for Rendezvous with cautious enthusiasm... :)

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