CD Review: Katie Melua “Call off the Search”

She sounds like she belongs in a smoky Chicago lounge circa 1940 sprawled out over a grand piano with dimly lit beams dancing off her sequins dress. Appropriately named record "Call off the Search," I believe we have found the new voice of Generation Y hipsters. With a voice as sweet as silk it flows smoothly over piano, strings, and light jazzy snare. With the onslaught of "authentic" vocal talents over the past half dozen years or so it's refreshing to notice geniune talent that has staying power. A smash hit in the UK it's no wonder why her independent release on Dramatico has done so well, she has the full package. A clean image, talent, oozing with potential, and a good heart unlike some of her American counterparts, it's no wonder her album is such a skyrocket success. With a seasoned semi-legend as Mike Batt at the helm, writing many tracks on "Call Off The Search," his experience comprising hit songs for an array of musical talent over the years can be seen. Batt is responsible for the monumental single "Bright Eyes," by Art Garfunkel and his work with Andrew Lloyd Webber producing and composing Phantom of the Opera. Amazingly the six-person staff at Dramitico were responsible for over a million albums sold in the UK alone. I especially like the moody, deeply moving "Blame It On the Moon," Katie croons about not falling in love again so soon. Now while she is only ninteen her baby voice matches her face but her style and texture reach far beyond her years. A native of Georgia in the former USSR, Katie has globetrotted to Ireland finally settling into a British School for the Recording Arts. Her accent is not noticable whatsover and finally honing into a unique sound described as soul mixed with vibey jazz her diverse musical influences each shine like a beacon through the clouds. Queen, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Irish and Indian Folk music her prowess is as deep as her passionate vocal ability.

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