Dell vs. Alienware Online Store

I am going to take a look at the differences in price of comparable systems from both Dell and Alienware.

I am not about to add Apple's online store into the mix. No sense in comparing apples to oranges. I will say this however:

Apple hardware costs more. It is made by Apple, or it is made in collaboration with Apple. I am glad it is only made by Apple. The quality is higher, the price is higher, and not as many people buy it. I like being a user of the minority Operating System. Ask any *nix user how they feel about being a minority user. I am sure at some point they will have something positive to say about not having to deal with viruses and spyware. Mac OS and *nix might not be more secure by design, but it is more secure based on usage.

Back to the Apple's online store: Apple knows simplicity. Their online store is just nice to use. It is not cluttered with a gazillian options that you do not care about. I would vote Dell's online store to be the most overwhelming of all. It is a nightmare.

Based solely on my opinion, I like the Alienware store a lot more then the Dell store. It is easier to choose your options on the Alienware site, and Alienware does not try to shove software and other hardware down your yapper like Dell does.

* At the time of this writing, Dell has 10% off their Desktop systems.

Dell Dimension XPS vs. Alienware Area 51: These are Intel Pentium 4 based systems. They could both be called gaming systems, they could both be called graphics systems. I call them workstations. They are used for web design, multimedia, 3D modeling, gaming, etc, etc. In other words I do not see the Alienware as more of a gaming rig.

Some might say these systems are configured with too much horsepower, and it is not worth the price. It is true you could cut down on anything and save money. I however do not like to compromise. And I have seen the bad things that comes from compromising on computers and I do not like it. In general I want to be able to throw more then I usually would at my computer and see if it will crush under pressure. I like to see it perform above my expectations because I know that if I stay with a system for a while those performance benchmarks will be decreasing exponentially every year. My computer before my 500 Mhz PowerBook G4 in 2001 was a PowerMac 6400/200 circa 1996. If I am happy with a computer (unlike my Alienware rig) I will use it for a while.

Here are the specs of the Area 51 and Dimension XPS in no true order. It is interesting to see how one or the other store has the same options plus or minus $10 here and $5 there. I am not comparing the specific prices. I left out all the extra crap that both online stores tries to push on you.

3 year Tech Support P4 3.2GHz 800 Mhz FSB
Windows XP Pro
128MB DDR ATI RADEON™ 9800 Pro
250 GB Hard Drive
Sound Blaster Audigy 2

Dell: $2,346 (theoretical price w/o 10% discount is $2580)
Alienware: $2,488.00

These differences in price are negligible in my book. It always depends on what month or day or hour or minute when you buy from any of these online stores because you never know what type of special deal you might get.

Comments (33)

OK, I just priced a comparable system to the $2150 Dell I just bought. The Area-51 Enthusiast equally configured was $3656! The Dell I bought was: Dimension 8400 Series, Intel Pentium 4 Processor 540 (3.2GHz) w/HT Technology and 1MB cache, 1GB ram, 250GB SATA HD, ATI Radeon X300 SE, 20" LCD Flat Panel display, 48x CD-RW and 12X DVD+RW, 56K PCI Telephony Modem, and a few other sundry items.

I can't see where I can configure an Alienware system for the same price. Maybe an AMD based. The "Bot" system of theirs was still $2814, just about $700 over what I paid.

I'm sorry you don't like Dell. The way they do business has got to be the most cost effective on the planet. No wharehouse costs keep them way more competative than any other computer company I have ever seen.

When I bought my current system. I also look at the DIY prices vrs Dell, and Gateway. The difference between DIY and Dell was around $300. I figured I could affort to pay the $300 for the tech support. I had prior to my current system actually done a DIY system, and had tons of problems with it. I told myself, I would never do a DIY again.

As for the Mac's... Aside from the brushed metal look and feel that Apple has done to death, OS X really looks cool. I really love the idea of Expose and would love MS to steal the idea for Windows. All the graphic effects that OS X does is pretty cool. I just wonder how cool they are after 6 months. I have turned a lot of the "animated" features of WinXP off now since they just slow things down. I get the feeling I would do the same on OS X after a while for the same reason.

I agree with you about paying the $300 difference for the tech. support. considering i had a hard drive problem, i am happy with the tech support. a few people told me to get a DIY, that "Oh I can build it for you for less." I am glad I did not get a DIY.

As per the eye candy of OS X, it is sorta like the eye candy of XP. There are some things you turn off. But for the most part, Aqua has not gotten annoying in the past 3 years I have used OS X. I turn off the genie effect for the Dock, scale is just fine for me and does not kill the processor and chug like hell if I am taxing the computer at the moment of minimizing.

After using OS X you look at OS 9's "Platinum" UI and it looks so flat and dull. Aqua is such a change for the better I think most folks leave it well enough alone.

I fully agree about 0S 9. I'm glad they give that OS up.


I am also looking for a new PC in here. I also looked for an Alienware Area 51, they just look wonderfull, don't they? And the prices are almost the same, except on GPU's. If you see that you will pay a full area51 1500€ ( +-1550USD) and you have a ATI RADEON X600 (128mb) with it, if you want the NVIDIA 6800GT with 256, that cost 200€ (215USD+-) more, thats +- 1750USD( 1700€)
I live in Belgium and if i want an Alienware I have to pay transportcosts 150€ ( 160USD+-).Thats 1850€ +- 1910USD.
Dell offers me the XPS gen3 with the nvidia and transport included for 1650€ (1700 USD +-)

I'm not ready to pay 210 USD more just for the look!

So i think I will buy the GEN3.

Now about that crappy macintoch stuff.

I have some friends that are all their life on apple. they have PWBOOKG4, PMG4, and the new PWMACG5dual 2.5 with 1.5GB ddr.
Ok it looks great. The mac os X is very stable and pretty. But I like to game and for example you cant play Half Life 2 (great game :)) and all the other games. Some games are produced again later for macintoch, but thats about 10% of all the games!.

The only reason I would buy a macintoch is, if I have to do much 3D, html and other creative stuff. But for gaming it's the most stupid choice you can do!


A+ Tech:

I think you have a good point and if you have little knowledge about computers then the tech support is the way to go, however, if you do like to dabble and have someone to ask questions then I would by all means build my own. You will find that the prices are outragious when compared to what the parts actually cost...why pay more for the same thing? Besides building your allows you to build a system according to your needs and not what hp or dell feels is a good package...

JUst my thoughts:

Carl, A+, Network+, MCP

dumb ass's:

Idiots you guys do know Dell owns Alienware, they bought them about 2 years ago. They kept the Alienware name and such and hasn't pushed the marketing pitch of Dell owning Alienware, because most enthusiasts consider Dell to be $hite, hence, why Dell couldn't break into the enthusiasts market, and hence why they purchased Alienware. And most enthusiasts are right. As anyone with half an inkling of a clue knows AMD currently has the best gaming performance. Although, Intel seems to still own the encoding arena, much to do, with better optimatization for P4 architecture in many encoding applications.

So I am an idiot because Dell did not make it overtly public that they own Alienware.

Also, you say "about 2 years ago." Lets put an exact date on that, shall we. As "about 2 years ago" makes it 2003, and as I bought my Alienware rig in 2002, well, that would mean that Dell did not own them at the time (that I started this site because I bought an Alienware PC and wanted to chronicle it).

I am not even going to get into the AMD vs. Intel debate with games. I am only going to say that I don't give a crap about how they make games perform, as I don't play games on the computers I buy.

But if you read my site you would know that I bought my Alienware in December 2002 and that I used it for work.

For the record I used my PC from January 2003 to July of 2004. In that time I had bought a 1 Ghz PowerBook G4 to replace my 500 Mhz one, and sold my Alienware. In September 2004 I bought a G5. If you like, see the post The Experiment has failed.

And if Dell owns Alienware, why aren't the prices almost identicle? Its practicly the same hardware. My guess is because they think they can get a premium price from the customer from a "boutique" shop. And they would be right. People will pay more for the Alienware.

Super Tech:

Guys, you have it wrong. Dell does not have a thing to do with Alienware. Where do you get these facts from? I work at Alienware, they are based out of Miami. That is a rediculous rumour. How can they own Alienware and every meeting we are thinking of ways to beat the competition... Thus them

Well, "Super Tech," thanks for the input. I could not find anywhere a link from Dell to Alienware.


u know what i just bought a area 51 7700 and its great its got a p4 3.2
nv go 6800 ultra 256
creative labz audigy 2 zs
160 gig hd
17' monitor
1 gig ram
it was worth 3,303
if u would of bought a dell with centrino 2,2
60 gig hd
256 ram
creative labs
audigy 2 zs
nv go ultra
6800 ultra 256
17 inch monitor
it cost 2,789.99 so thats i to much so thats why i preferr alienware


Alienware rules.


I own a dell and an alienware, and I have had nothing but problems with the alienware. I have had to reconfig it several times. I have to reseat everything several times. Power Supply died after 18 months. I would never recommend an alienware computer to anyone, unless they enjoyed spending gross amounts of money for an unreliable system. My Dell has not had any problems. Dude I wish I bought a Dell instead of an alienware. The truth is out there and all should be afraid the alienware.


i own a dell, its pretty nice, but the thing is i hate thier monitor after 10 months is starting to blur a little bit. now im planning to buy a Notebook so can i bring it anywhere i want, im more of a PC gamer. can some1 help me Alienware or Dell? Notebook?


Dell notebooks are good.

but as you said your a gamer.

so recommand a alienware.

my rother owns the new alienware laptop. the power of the desktop mobile on the laptop;) yup that one

if you have to money then buy it. worrid about it beng expensive then braking down?insure it with alienware...alienware really dos have the best of the best support. so all is good if you have any excidents.

Alienware-for present and future games.


Alienware is the best and im the head leader of the Ku Klux Klan so i think i would know that

That could be the single greatest comment in the history of blogs. Your mom must be so proud.


you people are wacks alein ware is faster now remeber its the big white building with the nice doctors


i am told that alienware, is extremely overpriced,but according to the statistics,above it seems that dell would have a greater fee, than alienware. what is the best deal if i want a computer under $2000? what brand should i get?

I was having a look at both the dell and alien ware systems fro when i brought out the GT ULTIMA computers.
It would seam that the alienware computers were faster than the dell systems, however they charged alot on top - thats for water cooling and cable ties - opps I mean bespoke cable managment.
THe sad thing was the GTULTIMAS offer better performance and a lower price but high spec's.
Recently I brought ou the new GTVS computers as a direct hit at the alienware and dells XPS systems, things have changed as the DELL XPS is very fast compaired to the alienware computer.

Recently I tested the GTVS system against the Dell and Alienware systems, Funny thing was that the GTVS computers still out perform them both.
BUT the GTVS is our budget systems, this works out something like. 33% MORE performance and 66% lower costs!
now thats a great way to look at it.
Dell Laptops yeah, desktops NO
Alienware NO and NO

philip lemon:

im building gaming comps right now im talking 320 gig hard drives and im talking top of the line here (dont say yeah yeah you crazy fool) no really they will be equal to the top alienware and the voodoo omen and only run 4500 on the dot or less nothing more unline alienware and voodoo going 5000 +


well i work for dell and all of you are nuts! spreading rumors for no reason. you just show your ignorance! dell does not own alienware.

and what does a 320g hdd have anything to do with a gaming box?

get a clue and/or education!

Odd how you post that now, as the rumors of Dell buying Alienware are all over the Internet yesterday/today.

Mike M:

Alienware costs more because of better quality parts (motherboards are crap in Dell), and their support and service are 3 or 4 bars above Dell's. If any of you had to deal with Dell's servise you would know exactly what I mean. I just spent 4 hours on monday tethered to my desk on hold at Dell, because thats the computers we use at work (I work IT). And thats 4 hours of their gold service that is supposed to be faster/better/stronger, whatever, then when you finally get these people on the phone, you can instantly tell that they are idiots, and the last thing they should be doing is trying to give customer support. That and they run down the BS list of 1: Is the computer plugged in? - 2: Does the power cord or wall socket have power? I work IT, I don't make those stupid soccer mom home mistakes, I'm calling because your crappy hardware brokedown, and I need you to send a new motherboard, hdd, or whatever.

Alienware has better quality and service, it really isn't even that close. If you can't build a computer yourself then deffinitly buy an Alienware, what you may lose in price, you more than make up for in quality, service, and peace of mind.

Dell does not, and will not own Alienware. Slam Dell all you want, but the company is a rock-solid company putting out top notch products. Our market share has grown. Our revenue growth rates are three times our closest competitor. We grew 13 percent. You don't do that putting out "crappy hardware". You most likely spent time arguing with tech support because you're not educated and didn't know how to communicate the problem.

You don't do that putting out "crappy hardware".

Yeah, you're right, you don't do that putting out "crappy hardware". You do that putting out "cheap crappy hardware".

You most likely spent time arguing with tech support because you're not educated and didn't know how to communicate the problem.

Aw, come on. Do you really think you're convincing anyone? Before reading your post, people probably thought Dell's tech support was crap. After reading your post, they think Dell's tech support is crap and their employees are jerks. Way to go with improving Dell's image, dude!

Mike M:

Yeah, its really hard to communicate the problem that all the plugs died, and the computer is booting improperly (if we are lucky) or not booting at all. We have had that problem with a number of Dell laptops, its a damn shame when all of our laptops have this reoccuring problem where the motherboard dies.
Seriously though your opinion is worth nothing on this subject. You have a completely biased opinion. Sad thing is I used to tell people they should get Dells about 4 or 5 years back, because you guys used to make good quality stuff at a decent price. Now the most of your products are crap at a low price, guess you get what you pay for.

And the fact that Dell is posting growth says nothing of quality, it just means uneducated people are tricked into buying a Dell because of low prices and clever marketing schemes. Just because something is very popular doesn't mean they don't suck, hell I can name a few examples: Creed, Brittney Spears, Compaq, Fords, Chevys, etc...

Dell does not, and will not own Alienware.

Dell Acquired Alienware.

I will admit that I was mistaken though many of the top analysts also believed that Dell would not acquire Alienware. I guess that just proves that Dell is a top notch company since even Alienware’s CEO, Nelson Gonzalez states that being acquired by Dell is better than going IPO. And Dell employees jerks? No, just very proud to be part of such a wonderful team! No mater what people day, Dell is heading your way like a steam locomotive and will leave all others in their dust with the best products in the industry.

Dell sells more systems globally than any computer company, placing it No. 28 on the Fortune 500. Dell's climb to market leadership is the result of a persistent focus on delivering the best possible customer experience by directly selling standards-based computing products and services. Period. Disagree, go buy E-Machine.

Mike M:

Trust me guy, people that disagree with Dell, build their own system. I've built my last 2 computers, and reworked my old Compaq from 7 or 8 years ago.

I guess that just proves that Dell is a top notch company since even Alienware’s CEO, Nelson Gonzalez states that being acquired by Dell is better than going IPO.

And I'm sure that has got nothing to do with the fact the he just received a shitload of money from Dell.

No, just very proud to be part of such a wonderful team

Dude, I just hope they aren't all fanboy robots like you.

Disagree, go buy E-Machine

Thank you very much, but I prefer a beautiful, usable, high-quality machine to a Dell or an E-Machine. I'm forced to use a Dell at work. At home, I use a machine that is actually pleasant to use. A Mac.


yeah, im trying to decide whether i should buy either a dell labtop, or an aleinware labtop for gaming, some say that alienware is too overpriced, and that u can get the same quality on a dell system for alot cheaper, do u guys have any suggestions?


In my opinion, Dell's are more for a working environment rather than for gaming, you can get some good stuff from either Dell or Alienware but you have to pay for it. For example, a system advertised on Dell's website for say arbitrarily $1200, once you configure the system so something useful, your pushing $2500...that happens with alienware as well, but I think that Alienware has better cooling.

My friend bought a Dell, and I would have to say, its a 7 out of 10, (that was 3 years ago), however, he's used it in a large part for gaming and it comes through for him, but barely, and he paid around $3000 or it. Now, my system that i've been using, I built myself for $1500 and is almost outperforming his by a factor of 2, (We've run some extensive tests)

Given my reluctance to buy preconfigured systems and non-DIY systems, when it comes to laptops, you have to go with a namebrand, I ended up buying a dell Laptop; It does all I need it to do in a working environment an even plays some of my games with decent quality, however, I find that the software that Dell adds to be mostly just bloat. I had the machine 1 month and wiped the harddrive and installed my own copy of windows XP and went from there, so the hardware is just fine but the software was slowing it down something terrible. After that it worked like a charm.

So, for a laptop for gaming, In my opinion you might want to go with a slightly more expensive but reliable Alienware, which might turn out to have a cooler running temperature.

This comment was posted by "Powermac" but our Eagle Eye Nazi Spaz Comment Killer Matt mistakedly deleted it.

Dell does own Alienware, however when the guy posted his comment, they did not... it was not until 2006 that they even considered it...

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