Excuse me, Mr. Moore, at what temperature do your lies burn?

I finally drug myself out of the house to see “Fahrenheit 9/11” and to no surprise it was the most ridiculous grouping of lies and misinformation I have ever seen. I am convinced that the only reason it is deemed a “documentary” is because there isn't a category for “best propaganda film” at the Oscars. The film begins with the most insane take on the 2000 election. According to Moore the election was called in favor of Bush partially due to the Fox News Channel. He claims that Fox called Florida for Bush because a Bush cousin was in charge at the news desk. According to Moore, “if Fox said it, it must be true” so every other network followed suite. If one man at a news desk can swing every other network then liberals should just surrender right now. Moore excludes several facts with all of his nonsense and vast right wing conspiracy theories. The truth of the matter is every other network called Florida too soon. CBS announced 18 times that the polls were closed in Florida when in fact many polls were still open in the conservative Florida Panhandle. The other news networks discouraged the Bush vote by calling the state for Gore at only 7:49PM . Fox News waited until all votes were in and called the election at 2:16 AM. Moore also claims that if there was another recount Gore would have won. I'm not sure if Moore has been sleeping under a rock for the past 4 years, (he possibly has considering the way he dresses) but there were many recounts after the election. He won 2 recounts in democratic areas, he won the recount of absentee ballots, and he won the recount which excluded military ballots. Even Tom Daschle said it was time to move on. I'm sorry Michael, but when this very liberal member of the Senate stops the fight you aren't up the creek without a paddle, you are drowning. Other than his ridiculous look at the elections, where even leader of the Senate Al Gore couldn't get one senator to sign a protest paper for the election, Fahrenheit is full of preposterous lies and bad narration. Throughout the movie, Moore makes insane comments that would even give Phil Donahue a brain aneurysm. According to the film, on September 10th Bush “went to sleep that night, with a bed made of fine French linens.” Now how does he know this? I would love to hear his sources on the contents of Bush's bed (I'm sure it's not as exciting as the contents of Clinton 's bed). And according to Moore, Ashcroft was sworn in on a stack of bibles not because of tradition, but because “he needed all the help he can get.” His misleading narration only continues as the film goes on. He also claims that Bush is only in it for the money. According to Moore, Bush and his loosely defined “friends” have made 1.4 billion dollars because of the Saudis. So his friends who run billion dollar companies made a billion dollars, how bout dem apples? He claims that when Bush gets up in the morning he is thinking about what is best for the Saudis. If Bush only cared about money he wouldn't have run for president in the first place. If Moore is correct, Bush has been making this money for the past 10 years while not in the Oval Office, so why would he need to be president to keep making this money? Among the absurd narration, Moore attempts to make valid points about Bush's reaction to 9/11. Moore claims that after the second plane crashed Bush froze in the headlights and didn't know what to do “not knowing what to do, and no one telling him what to do” so he kept reading the book My Pet Goat to the children in a Florida school. What Michael doesn't say is that when he found out about the first plane, it was believed to be an accident, not a terror attack and the damage assessment was unknown. After the second plane hit Bush did not want to scare the children, so he waited. Moore doesn't show Bush interrupting reporters when they asked about the incident. Bush stopped the reporters from asking a question in the class room saying that he will “talk about it later,” again, trying not to scare the kids. The bulk of the movie is a lot of nonsensical information about the Laden family ties to the Bush family. What Moore almost ignores is the fact that the Laden family is not associated with Osama. Osama Bin Laden was kicked out of Saudi Arabia because of his strong disagreement with U.S. troops going to fight Iraqi troops in Kuwait (no Osama – Saddaam connection here!). The film offers one piece of information to disprove the dislike from his family. Osama and unknown family members, according to an “expert” (whose name and title was not given in the film) attended a wedding once since his exile. Good work Sherlock! Now go out and find little Timmy's missing bicycle. The possibility that Osama and unknown family members were at the same wedding after his exile does not prove that Osama is not the black sheep of the family. This is why the government allowed the family to fly out of America after 9/11. Afraid of backlash of an innocent group of Arab Americas, Bush let the Laden family members leave. The ridiculous claim that this event is comparable to a “what if” scenario where McVeigh's family is flown out of the Country is just that, ridiculous. They were not from another nation, so why would that warrant a free flight out of the country. Perhaps if McVeigh's family was from Saudi Arabia, helped run 7% or our economy, was known to be completely innocent and controlled the gas market, then flights may be reasonable. Then Moore goes on to more conspiracy theories about a Bush friend, Maj. Bath which reminded me of a bad X-Files episode. I'm sorry Mr. Moore, but not everything is run by this vast network of people with right wing ideologies. Moore claims that Bath's name was blacked out of Bush's National Guard record because Bath was in business with the Bin Laden family. A more reasonable person would realize that his name was blacked out because the papers were about Bush, not Maj. Bath. They were blacked out because the Major doesn't want idiotic fake reporters like Michael Moore, or anyone from The New York Times at his door. If this was some elaborate cover up why wasn't it censored when Moore got a copy of the papers in 2000? To keep this short, I will comment on 3 last things: Moore's view of the military, the Patriot Act and his favorite topic, wealth distribution. Moore shows footage of soldiers in war and makes up lies about the success' they are achieving. According to Moore most of the Taliban leaders are still at large claiming “Bush really didn't do much.” This is a preposterous statement considering we found almost all of the Taliban leaders, or killed them. Instead of showing Iraqi torture chambers, or mass graves, he decides to make the military look like a bunch of adrenaline junkies. War is dirty and the Marines get the job done. I'm sorry Michael, but war is a tough thing to handle emotionally especially for gut less filmmakers like yourself. The war had to be done, and those “adrenaline junkies” accomplished an amazing and heroic task. As Ann Coulter said, “we are sending in the Marines, not Washington Post Journalists.” While mocking the marines for listening to music in their tanks and doing their job he throws in false facts about WMD finds (if you still don't believe in WMD's, read this) and that Iraq has never attacked the US. Iraq has been attacking Americans for the past decade. They never obeyed the cease fire and tried on an almost weekly basis to shoot down American planes, while at the same time harboring terrorists of several groups. Not to mention he tried to assassinate Herbert Walker Bush. Moore only tends to concentrate on U.S. accidental fire of civilians rather than the amount of enemy that was eliminated. The weapons used in this war have been the best in history, minimizing civilian casualties. The Iraqi war casualties are estimated in the thousands while WWII estimates range in the millions including 19 million civilian dead in Russia and 2 million in Germany . Moore would rather have a pacifist behind the flak jacket and M16 debating the duality of man in war than actually have a Marine who can win. Imagine a Marine and an insurgent face to face, and the Marine hesitates because he is worried about bad press reports or stray bullets; guess who is going home in a body bag? Moore also claims that reporters were not allowed to take pictures of the coffins coming home. This is simply a lie. Look on my website under the Photo's section and see who is telling the truth. The ranting and raving continues as Moore goes after the Patriot Act; supposedly driving about in an ice cream truck reading the 600 page piece of legislation out loud to anyone who is dumb enough to listen to him. Much like Lincoln had to suspend Habeas Corpus in order to save the Union; Bush had to take away certain luxurious we had in order to save the US. What good are rights when no one is alive to enjoy them? Moore complains that the FBI acted wrongly and violated the rights while questioning a man who said “he [Osama] will never be as big of an asshole as Bush.” The man who said this was reported by a friend and the FBI investigated and made no arrests; I fail to see the problem. No ones rights were “trampled on,” he said a stupid thing to a group of people and they called the authorities, what right was violated? And a rant by Michael Moore would not be complete without the mention of wealth redistribution. He complains that Flint Michigan is in such bad shape, and that Bush is the terrorist for allowing people to live like this. Considering Fahrenheit made over 93 million dollars, we'll leave the wealth redistribution up to Moore. In a world of media lies and anti-Bush propagandists, I have noticed one thing; Americans (mostly Democrats and “swing voters”) will believe anything they see on a screen. While gullible people watch this movie and grow a hate for successful companies and the president, our commander will still be fighting for them to protect them from the evils of the world. While Moore is whining about aggressive Marines they will still fight so he will be safe from the threat of terror. To put a stop to the lies, I ask, Mr. Moore, at what temperature do your lies burn? Originally posted at DavesPolitics.com.

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Let me get this straight...you're referencing an Ann Coulter artical to refute Michael Moore? Are you going to seriously stand behind the idea that Coulter is credible?


Of course, no conservative writing would be complete without Coulter. It always drives me crazy when liberals get angry when you quote or use her as a reference. She is a great researcher and writer. Liberals always think she is crazy b/c they viewed her once on a talk show. Try reading slander or treason and then tell me that she is an idiot while keeping a straight face.


excuse me but you're blind my friend !

believe believe ! go on you're a good soldier of fascism.

and i did not like very much the moore movie, too bad on his international views. But yours are worst.

go and see the world... sould be interesting for you

Alec Phillips:

Hey Asshole... You are an obvious supporter of this man Bush, who STOLE the 2000 election from President Al Gore. Congratulations! You now join the list of ignorant pricks who support this stupid man. Guess what dickhead? Your boy Bush now has an approval rating of 36% (or a DISapproval rating of 64%) He LIED about Iraq having WMDs and Mr 'Wanted Dead or Alive' Bin LAden STILL HASNT BEEN FUCKING CAUGHT! and you think you're in ANY fucking position to criticize Michael Moore??? He had the BALLS to put it all out there about this fucking moron Bush. Fuck off pal. Stick that attitude of yours straight up your ignorant, blind flag-waving fat ass.
P.S. I am a WEST POINT GRADUATE AND A COMBAT VETERAN and I AM PISSED OFF!! YOU and the other 'patriotic' idiots put this cocksucker in the White House. SHAME on YOU.

After the second plane hit Bush did not want to scare the children, so he waited.


I'm so sorry I never read this article before today. It's too good a parody of the right wing's stupidity.

Moore only tends to concentrate on U.S. accidental fire of civilians rather than the amount of enemy that was eliminated.

Oh my god, stop it! You're killing me! BWAHAHAHA!

You, sir, are a better comedian than even the great Ann Coulter, truly. All of my respect goes to you!

OMG! David loves Ann Coulter's crap. Unfortunately I think he fell off the face of the earth because not even his own site has been updated in ages.

And to answer Alec: Yes David is a Republican. He is/was a member of the College Republicans at BGSU. Part of the reason I wanted him to post his views here was to stir up some debate, because I strongly disagree with pretty much everything he says.

Too bad he has not contributed in a while. Because as you can see, this column is ROFLMFAO funny.

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