Flat Panel iMac Port Placement is a Pain

I do not know what Apple was thinking when designing that lampshade iMac but they came up with a great product. The swivel display is a nice touch (no pun intended). Why in the word they put every single port in the back of the base is beyond me. I can understand the power being in the back, and possibly the ethernet port should be back there too. But why the Firewire and USB ports are in the back baffles me. Why are the audio jacks in the back? We now have a nice mix of FP iMacs and eMacs at work, and setting up the FP iMacs is a pain. We use USB bus powered Zip drives in the offices and move a few of them to the machine that need them at that moment. I use a Firewire bus powered HD to perform maintenance on all of our (Firewire equipped) Macs. Some students, including myself have USB pen drives. The USB and Firewire ports on the FP iMac should be brought around to the left or right side. And while they are at it they can bring the power button around to the side as well. It is such a waste of time, and an annoyance, to have to swivel the base of the FP iMac around to plug/unplug a Firewire or USB base. The port placement on the eMac on the other hand is great. Of course its in the same place as the CRT iMacs, a placement that should not have been mucked with.

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