Internet Explorer Multiple Vulnerabilities

4 new holes were found in IE today, allowing malicious people to bypass security restrictions and potentially compromise a vulnerable system. How fun. It never stops does it? What if Apple released Safari on Windows? Would it make a dent in the Internet Explorer stronghold? No, but it would make the few Windows geeks who know what Safari is happy. I think it is the greatest feeling when I turn someone on to Mozilla or Firefox, and they find out for the first time how much better those browsers are compared to IE. Source: Secunia

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It's unlikely that Apple would create Safari for Windows, but someone could port Konqueror to Windows and then try to fit WebCore around it, and then make it look like Safari :)


I switched to Firefox earlier this week. I'm not going back to IE. I was recently the victim of identity theft. I can't prove it was because of the security holes in IE, but I strongly suspect it. Stupid me, I had shut off my firewall for a week or two when I couldn't figure out how to solve a problem I was experiencing with it. Never again.

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