Major League DVD Review

It's been 15 years since sports fans were graced with Major League, the funniest baseball film ever conceived. It's a shame the studio ruined what could have been a decent franchise with countless direct-to-video sequels. But, you can always keep memories of the original classic alive with the decent DVD release, sans any special features of course. The Indians suck (ducks the brick being tossed from nearby Cleveland). Their owner is none to happy with the situation or the attendance. What else can the evil, completely greedy owner do but take the team to Florida (before they actually had a franchise of course)? When the manager finally gets wind of the potential move, he takes it upon himself and turns the rag-tag group of players around, taking them right into the play-offs. This is a classic example of a sports movie. It has a slew of great actors, most in their prime (Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes), great writing, hilarious quotes, and a clichÈd story that is just so enjoyable you can't help but fall in love with it. The only thing dragging it down is an overdrawn subplot between Tom Berengers character and Corbin Bernsen. These scenes take over the movie at a few points and just drag the pace down right along with them. But then Bob Uecker takes over again and all is forgiven. This is a must see classic. (**** out of *****) Major League is presented in its original aspect ratio (1.85:1) and is very clean, almost perfect at times. Solid colors reveal some compression issues and the scratches/spots on the print get really annoying in a few sequences. Regardless, this is probably better than the movie looked back in theaters and does an admirable job for a disc that has been tossed into the bargain bins. (***) Remixed sound is always a pleasure and Major League is a great example. The Dolby 5.1 track here is a great mix that really kicks in once the stadium starts to fill. The immersion factor here is outstanding for a movie this old even if the effects are limited to game sequences. Also available is standard Dolby Surround and French Mono. Can't beat Bob Ueker dubbed over in French. (***) As mention previously, the disc is lacking any features. I'm sure some of the actors would love to revisit this one for a commentary track. Come on Paramount, do something about this situation quick! Still, must give credit for the widescreen print. (*) Major League is a movie that cannot be appreciated by viewing it on the USA network. The censors have a field day with this one. It can only be truly understood fully uncut with nothing bleeped out. This is certainly the way to go if your have the urge to watch this one, but it deserves a special edition really soon.


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