Microsoft: Virtual PC 7 coming this October

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday indicated that Virtual PC for Mac Version 7 will likely be released in October, though the schedule is entirely dependent on Microsoft's efforts to ship a new service pack for its Windows XP operating system. This is the first clarification the company has provided about Virtual PC 7's release schedule since confirming in May that its release would be delayed. Virtual PC enables Mac users to run various versions of Windows software applications and operating systems by emulating the characteristics of an actual hardware PC on their Macintosh. Previously sold by Connectix Corp., Virtual PC was acquired by Microsoft in February, 2003.... Source: MacCentral I will hopefully have my G5 by October :P It is supposed to ship by 7/30 and I cannot wait. I see across the Internet this news has gotten some bad publicity. I for one applaud the MacBU for waiting until after SP2 of XP. I just hope SP2 comes out on time (whatever date that is now) or we will be waiting and waiting for VPC 7 to ship. Can you imagine installing VPC and right when you launch Windows XP for the first time being told you have to download the XXX MB download of SP2? No thank you! I will wait until SP2 is pre-installed for me. I am a Mac user after all, I like my software to be user friendly.

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