Microsoft XP SP2 and WUS delays confirmed

WROUGHT IRON SPECIALIST Microsoft has announced that its Windows Update Services release will now be delayed until early next year and its much awaited SP2 upgrade will stay in purdah until August. Windows Update Services (WUS) was supposed to ship at the end of Autumn with its beta supposed to arrive sometime about now. Apparently the final beta will not appear until later in the year. SP2 which was supposed to be out in June now has a release date for August. Spinsters at Vole apologised for the delay and regretted the inconvience caused... Source: The Inquirer And you people wonder why I finally gave up on Windows and sold my PC. August huh? What happened to Q1 2004? Which will come out first, SP2 or OS X Tiger?

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Sometimes I wonder if MS will ever get a good rep. First they put out patches and updates quickly, but with bugs, and get grilled for it, then they take their time to make sure that SP2 is as clean as possible, and get grilled for it. They just can't win here... :)

Actually, they probably will still get it wrong, but still...

Personally, I think IE should be zapped out of existance, and be done with it! It's getting to the point where if you sneeze, you find another hole! Plus it's not even standards compliant! Why would anyone want to use it!


I recently downloaded SP2 thinking it was a smart choice. Upone request to reboot after a notice of a successful SP2 install, my hard drive crashed and had to be reformatted. My first attempt at a fix via the SP2 helpline direct to India (or other?) resulted in a referral to a tech shop for anaylsis of my hardware failure. Disatisfied with that, I requested onshore SP2 help from MS. I recieved a call back the next day - Sunday prior to Labor Day. This MS tech was onshore and was very helpful. Fortunately I had MS on a seperate hard drive from my data hard drive and only last several hours of time re-installing XP and other applications.

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