Mike Cooper Joins BW

Mike and I go back a while. In many ways his college carer tanked very much like mine did. The first time I worked with Mike was for Dr. Molly Laflin on some web site for a grant in Family and Consumer Sciences at BGSU. I then had the chance to work with him again at Student Publications. That second tenure together ended up a lot better then the first. Please welcome Mike to our stab at the blogoshere. And maybe someday he will get his own site back up. Be sure to check out Mike's bio and his initial post, it seems he is a whore to science. [Shameless Plug] If you would like to write for this site, please send me an email, ken [at] meancode [dot] com.

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Game expert huh? Let me just say this:

Anytime. Anywhere. Bring it.


Now, I never said I was an expert. I can't compare to you Matt :) I'm just a casual gamer. I just own all the systems. Now, if I had your setup, maybe we could talk :) My expertise lies in Windows and PC applications. As Ken will tell you, I was one of those extremely excited when he bought is PC. And, I think I did a lot of convincing to get him to buy the system. Although, I think he went overboard a bit. But we all know Ken....he does that :) The spoiled brat

For the record, Mike had nothing to do with my getting a PC. This mistake was mine alone, and no one but me made up my mind.

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