New iPods' "lower prices" come at a cost

Although Apple is touting the fact that the new iPods, announced Monday, cost $100 less than the previous generation's models for the same capacity ($299 for the 20GB model, $399 for the 40GB model), if you want or need the same accessories that came with the previous models, you'll have to buy some of them. Specifically, the remote control and carrying case, included with the previous models of the same capacity, are now optional accessories, listing for $39 each (although purchasing the remote also gets you an extra pair of the iPod's white earbuds). The previously included FireWire 4-pin-to-6-pin adapter is also no longer part of the package (and doesn't appear to be available from the Apple Store, although other similar adapters are available). Finally, the previous 20GB model included a dock base, whereas the new 20GB model does not (the dock is now a $39 accessory for the 20GB model; it's still included with the 40GB model). Granted, the new iPods also include a USB2.0 cable -- previously a $19 extra -- and have a few new features. However, if you want an iPod with the same accessories as the previous generation, you'll need to spend an extra $78 (for the 40GB model) or $117 (for the 20GB model). Source: MacFixIt I don't get the remote control argument. That thing is a piece of crap. But I guess some people use it. But I do think the new iPod should come with a carrying case! Not to mention that little FireWire 4-pin-to-6-pin adapter is very handy if say you bought a posh Sony Vaio that only comes with 4 pin Firewire (lame, Sony, really lame). The 20 GB replaced the 15 GB, which did not have a dock base. So I would not expect that to come with a dock base anyhow. But in reality here, these acessories are not used! Who uses the carrying case that you get with the iPod? Who uses the remote control? Who uses the FireWire 4-pin-to-6-pin adapter? Who uses the dock base? Just kidding, the dock base is handy to have. But truth be told I hardly use that either.

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I use the wired remote all the time. It has two very useful purposes. At work, I use it as a headphone cord extender.

In the car, I use it to control the iPod while driving. I can't select tracks or anything, but since I'm listening to audiobooks, that isn't really a problem. I use it to adjust the volume, and pause if I need to. I just setup the player before I leave.

When refering to the carrying case, if you mean the thing with the belt clip, then that's another thing I use all the time. I don't want my iPod scratched up, so I put the iPod in that thing almost all the time I'm traveling. It either goes into my shirt pocket or I clip it to my pants pocket flap so that I don't drop it like I did at the beginning of the year. That drop turned a 30GB iPod into a nice looking paperweight. :(

So I would have to get those things if I were getting new new 4G iPod. Hopefully, I won't have to do that anytime soon.

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