Newsweek leaks new iPod design (Updated)

The cover of the Newsweek issue dated July 26, 2004 shows a bespectacled Apple CEO Steve Jobs holding what appears to be a new iPod design featuring a new scrollwheel that mimics the one used on the iPod mini... Source: MacCentral Article has Newsweek cover. Back to basics it looks like. And 60 GB would be nice. How about wirelessly talking to the AirPort Express. And what about video on the next iPod? I think the headline is wrong though. Mr. Jobs posed for this photo, how is that a "leak?" UPDATE: Newsweek has an article online now as well. No boost in HD size, 12 hr. battery life, and multiple on-the-go playlists round out the new features. Oh they are cheaper too. Not bad at all! This is an odd avenue for Apple to be taking for a 4G iPod announcement, but then its Apple, and odd does not apply. Talk about cheap PR. Should we call Newsweek Apple's new PR firm?

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Aside from the new scroll wheel, smaller frame, and a lower price, most of the features are in the software. My favorite is that the shuffle option is on the main page (I hate searching for it in the settings menu). Will Apple release a software upgrade to give current 3G iPod users this same functionality? I dont think it would hinder sales, because most people w/ a 3G iPod would be buying a new one for the scroll wheel, if anything, or just because theyre aĶspoiled little bitch! Come on Jobs, do the right thing.

Now now... be nice Max.

It looks like the 4G iPod software will not see its way onto our old crappy 3G iPods :( So says MacMinute.

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