Patrick Norton will be leaving The Screen Savers

Patrick Norton will be leaving The Screen Savers after July 2nd. I must congratulate him on the choice of using his common sense unlike some former TechTV hosts looking to make a name of themselves. (Leo excluded for obvious reasons). I hope they can live with themselves. More soon. Source: Warlock Radio Newsbytes Dave posted a comment, so I had to google. Well this sements it for me, I am glad I am no longer paying for G4TechTV. But I agree with this source, I think he has done the right thing. At least when Leo was there Patrick had someone to relate to. What a shameful end to such a great tech show. We need a good tech channel.


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Patrick Norton is a hottie!!

Michael Young:

Saw the new G4 screensavers yesterday. Pat did the right thing, when he left. Best of luck.

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