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robin_congress_small.gifIn a joint venture between Meancode Media and Unigraphics this site was started and finished within a week. I am pretty happy about that. Paul, at Unigraphics, has handled all the print work for Robin's campaign. That sure makes the process of building a web site a lot faster. Sure, print graphics need work to be used for the web, but its still great to have the design and typography set. Hopefully I will get more web work in the future from Unigraphics. The old site was framed, and the images were huge and constrained in HTML. So load times were really bad. This site loads pretty good on a dial-up with the exception of the header graphic, but I cannot make that any smaller then it already is. The site also works pretty good to excellent in older browsers. You can view a screen shot of the old home page here. It is a big improvement, and my client is very pleased. For the calendar page of Robin's site I used I am really impressed with this service, and will have to devote a full post for it. is a great online calendar.

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